Friday, February 28, 2014

Home Coming

Our bred heifers have been about 12 miles away on some rented pastures.  Since they are due to start calving next month, it was time to get them home where J can keep a much closer eye on them.  
 With 18 to move we had to make 2 trips.  The barn lot was a bit nasty after all of the moisture we've had lately.
 Any time we come home with the trailer,  Emma is always eager to greet the newcomers.
 She is so good but really no help.  She doesn't bark at or chase anything, she just tried to be friends.
 Now the heifers are right behind the house.  I can see a lot of this field just from the kitchen window.
And the heifers have already settled in.  Looking forward to some baby calf pictures soon.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Photo Contest Results

At the end of last year I entered a photo contest at Farm Credit.  The winning pictures are to be displayed in the newly remolded lobby of our local Farm Credit plus there was some prize money.   The deadline was December 31 and that's when I entered.  I never heard anything back so I assumed that I didn't win anything.  That is until yesterday.  
I got an email that my Cows in Snow picture was 2nd place and I will be receiving my $75 visa card in the mail.  YAY!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bad Horse For Sale Pictures #11

Priced for quick sale on Facebook.  
Can we count the problems with this one?  The ad listed the horse as being 14 hands so I guess that eliminates the one on the right.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Goat Horn Styles

Our goat herd is a genetic hodgepodge. We started with 12 nannies 14 years ago.  Those original nannies were mostly milk type goats.  We then started breeding them to meat goat billies like boers, kikos, and Spanish meat goats.  Well, there was that one odd billy that J got at the livestock market, no idea what he was but he was tall and narrow with a mohawk, but I'm not counting him.  We now just call them Brush Goats. They are our 24/7 weed control program.   Anyway, this genetic diversity has lead to a variety of different horn styles on our girls.  
Here we see the short, thick, straight horn.
Here, Squeaky is modeling the delicately curved under the cheek horn.
 Then we have the up and off the face look.
 I can't describe this one any other way than wicked or maybe Farrah Fawsett wings.
 Tinkerbell is sporting a look similar to Squeaky but she is going with more of a flip with her tips.
 And we can't forget our line of muley goats.
These are naturally hornless.  We started with one but now have 3 of these beauties.
Hope you enjoyed our Spring Horn Show.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Just Kit Sunday #39

About twice a week during the winter when the tractor is getting used every day, J has to take his two, 5 gallon fuel jugs to the gas station to get diesel.  He then stops the tractor at the house to fill it up.  
 Kit Kat took this opportunity to check out the Massey.
 Safety first.  Always read the warning labels.
Looks like Kit is paying heed to the warning and getting out of Dodge.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Wind, Rain, Whiplash

I had just caught Otoelene to ride when J asked if I could do a job.  Well, of course I could because it involved riding Otoelene.  Seems since 12 inches of snow melted and it rained another inch, the bottom where J had been feeding the cattle was to wet to feed in.  So he fed on a hill and the cattle hadn't found the hay yet.  J wanted me to herd the cattle over to the hay.  Sounded like that was right up my alley.  
Plus, one end of the barn was pretty flooded so it wasn't going to be much fun riding inside.  

But by the time I got Otoelene saddled and warmed up, the cattle were already eating.  
  So I thought I might go look for stragglers anyway.  The gate way into the bottom was a muddy mess.
 Then the upper section was a big swamp.
The river was almost out of it's banks.  
 Then there was a lake where there has never been one before.
 Water was just pouring down the road and through the lower gate.
 Did I mention it was windy?  The wind would whip and catch my DaBrim helmet brim and jerk my head until I thought I might get whiplash.  I need to learn to use E's helmet on windy days.
 And there they were, right where they belonged.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Mosquito Fencing

Unfortunately, or fortunately as the case may be, this tidbit wasn't from one of my clients but from another vet in the office.  She was discussing heartworm disease and how it is transferred by mosquitoes.  The owner said, "I've never had a mosquito in my house, 
from Wikipedia 
or in my yard,  It's fenced."
My question would have been, "fenced with what, mosquito netting?  How big are your mosquitoes?"
My colleague was more polite and did not ask these questions.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Goats and Snow Don't Mix

The goats were very unsettled the day it snowed.  
 They were all over the place.
 Up and down hills.
 To the horses' round bale then away again.
 Then they about attacked me when I went to the barn.
Then they attacked the salt I put out for them.
I really don't think goats like the snow.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bad Horse For Sale Pictures #10

On the face of it, this one's not too bad.  
 But it really makes me wonder what they air brushed out on his left hand.  And then the horse's biggest selling point...
Happy Valentine's Day (4 days late).

Monday, February 17, 2014

What's Blooming

You must think I'm crazy with "What's Blooming" when it looks like this outside.  
 Yes, this is Southwest Virginia not Sochi Russia.
 But what's blooming is this!
 It's an orchid my brother got me for Christmas a couple of years ago.  After it stopped blooming, I dutifully continued to water and mist it.  Month after month, nothing until now.
Maybe spring will come early and I'll have some outdoor flowers soon.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Just Kit Sunday #38

What do you do with a cat that is staying inside and getting fat because of the cold and snow?
You take him outside and take his picture.  That way you both get exercise.  Him running away, and you chasing him to try and get a decent picture.  
 I think I got one good one.
 Mostly, Kit Kat was just looking for an escape route.
And this was the end he preferred showing me.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Jumping Otoelene or NOT

The other day when E was working with Wrangler, I decided to take the saddle off of Otoelene and try her in the round pen with a small jump.  E said no way was Otoelene jumping, she barely picks her feet up to walk or trot.  I said all horses can jump, it is just a matter of finding the proper motivation.  
 So day 1, I started with a 2x4  propped up between a panel and a bucket.
 Well, this is something new and it needs a thorough inspection.
 OK, jump!
 To be fair, I have been practicing side passing over things.  Maybe that's what she thought I wanted.
 A quick turn around and well, yes you have to inspect this side too.  It could be different you know.
 OK, jump!

That wasn't quite to spot I wanted her to stop in but that's where she did.
There were several more tries with a little more speed but the best I got was trotting over fast with her picking her feet up high.  At least she quit stepping on it or tripping over it or tangling it up between her legs.  But she never really did jump over it.  I guess I just haven't found the proper motivation yet on Day 1.  But I  am not giving up yet.

Wouldn't one of these made to look like Otoelene be great?  Entering a contest at The Red Headed Mare to see if I can win.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Bumble and Bea

For those of you new to my blog, Bumble and Bea are our two Great Pyrenees guard dogs that take care of the goats.  Because of the coyotes we probably would not have continued to keep the goats without them.  We got them as 12 week old puppies in October of 2009 and they have been a joy to have ever since.   They love staying with the goats yet are very friendly to us.  They love attention but are ready to go when the goats start moving out.   
 For their large size they are still very humble.
 They adore Emma and continue to allow her to "be in charge."
 I named Bumble after the Abominable Snowman from Rudolph.  She was just so big and bumblely.
 Bea is a bit smaller than Bumble.  My brother came up with her name for Aunt Bea on Andy Griffith who looked after Opie since Bea was to look after the goats.
 And it's fun to have 2 dogs named Bumble/Bea.
They are true gentle giants.
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