Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Couponing #86

It has been a minute since I last posted a couponing scenario.  I usually just use the couponing to get what I was buying anyway cheaper. Then the couponing items are free. But this week the deal was too good to pass up.  
So I did a deal just to get the lowest out of pocket amount. 
20 cents plus tax. Nothing I really needed. But who could say no to saving $35 and only spend 20 cents. 


Monday, July 15, 2024

Calf Weaning

We tried to get an early start today. We were weaning the calves at our other farm and hauling them over here.
We headed out at 6:30 and 60 degrees. 
As usual, Joe had the cattle in position to get them right into the barn lot. 

We sorted out the cows, then the cull cows, then replacement heifers.  That left 4 trailer loads of calves to bring back to the house.  Back and forth, back and forth…finally finished at 2:00 when it was 90 degrees.  Maybe we should have tried for an earlier start.


Saturday, July 13, 2024

Wildflower Walk

Otoelene and I headed out yesterday morning. 
It wasn’t terribly early but it was still coolish.
I think Otoelene’s favorite flower of the day was the chicory.  In the morning the blooms are a beautiful blue. By the afternoon they are gone. Horses find the plant quite tasty. 
We rode by some pretty, wild black eyed Susan’s. 
They were much nicer than what is in my flower garden. Last year I threatened to dig them up but they had a good year and bloomed well. This year they were back to being all black center and no pretty petals.  So this year I am taking at least half of them out. 
I saw some bell flowers. 
And this leather flower vine. It’s a member of the clematis family. 
Apparently, this moth mullein is an invasive species from North Africa. 
I have always liked the name of this flower, viper’s bug loss. 
I never really thought about a wild version of bee balm being right here.  Maybe I will see about moving some to my flower garden. 
And not a flower but I thought I would leave you with a smile. 


Wednesday, July 10, 2024

A Ball, A Hanger And Some Nails

I attempted another Pinterest project.  I had been wanting to make it for a long time but couldn’t figure out the type of ball to use. 
I finically decided on a rubber bouncy ball. 
I needed a hanger to use as a stake.
And a lot of nails.

No it is not Sputnik.
With a little paint and proper placement they will be year round alliums. I didn’t have any purple paint so I tried one with blue. I think purple will look better so I will just wait to paint the others. At least the rabbits won’t be able to eat them. Now I need some more bouncy balls.  

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Vacuum Sealer

Virginia and Mike got me a vacuum sealer food saver for Christmas a couple of years ago. I finally decided to try to figure out how to use it. YouTube was a tremendous help. There was a detailed video with the same model. One of the comments said, "I was about to return this to the store because the instructions were so bad."  Thank goodness for YouTube.  But even with that, there was still a learning curve. 
My first attempt was with broccoli.  I had 3 1/2 heads from the garden.  I cut it up and rinsed it all.  I only had a couple of worms.  
Next came blanching, 
followed by an ice bath.  
Then after drying, I packaged and vacuum sealed them. 
Normally, I use freezer zip lock bags and suck the air out with a straw.  Once I got the hang of it, the vacuum sealer is the way to go.  After the broccoli, I grated 6 zucchinis and froze that too.  I might have to do some blackberries soon.  


Monday, July 8, 2024

Foggy Morning

My early morning ride to beat the heat included fog this morning. 
It was much better than riding in full sun. 
 The goats were just getting up and heading out to start their busy day of weed control.  
I am always surprised that my wildlife wood pile hasn't been completely destroyed by the cows. 
I ended up having to spend more time that I wanted at this pile of rocks.  I know I have ridden Hugo past it before but today for some reason he thought it was going to eat him alive.   I was finally able to convince him that these are strictly vegan rocks and they have no desire for horse flesh. 

We passed by our winter hay supply.  Joe has it all lined up nicely. 
And with that, the fog lifted, and my ride was done.  

Friday, July 5, 2024

Project Runway - Repurposed Denim

Sadie loves dresses so much she is always wanting me to wear one too.  So I had an idea to make a scooter skirt.  Yes, I grew up in the 70’s but I think the scooter skirt could be making a come back. 
My mother still had this girls size 7 pattern.   Even though it was a little small,  I thought I might could work it to fit.  At first I thought about using some sort of very cheap fabric to practice on.  Then I had the idea of using some old jeans. 

I have several stacks of Joe’s worn out Wranglers.  A little seam ripping, cutting and sewing and I have my very own 

Scooter skirt!  I feel like it is much cuter in real life.  I will blame any frumpiness on the photographer.
For the back I ended up just using the back of one of the pairs of jeans so it already had pockets.  I also reused a zipper for the side opening.  

What do you think, will scooter skirts make a comeback? 

Happy Fourth

There were some festivities in town yesterday in celebration of  Independence Day. Joe and I decided to go for a little hit before our church potluck. 
We made it 2 blocks before the rain started. We waited under an awning for about an hour until it let up and we came home.  The disappointing part was we didn't get any rain at the house. 
At least it didn't rain at the pot luck.  Allie and Sadie were that to see their first fireworks.  Allie thought they were too loud to start with but soon started enjoying them.  Sadie thought they were too loud at the end and I thing was ready to go home.  

Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Hay’s Here

Our hay for here and the farm up the road has all been delivered. That just leaves BJ’s. Joe is getting a little tired of moving round bales. 
This hay has been made at least a month earlier than what we were getting.  The cows won’t know what to do with hay this good.

 It’s nice to have this winter’s hay lined up and ready. Now I just have to hunt for some fescue free square bales to have for Draper for the last month of her pregnancy.

Saturday, June 29, 2024

Thistle? Or Not

I don’t know if you remember,  but last year I bought some blue sea holly roots from Walmart after seeing them on a British gardening show.  Only one survived.  I bought another pack of three this year and two have lived.  
The one from last year is blooming now.

 I cannot decide it it looks too much like a thistle. 

I like how the blue color coordinates with my pinks and purples. Maybe next year when the other ones bloom, they won’t look so much like thistles. 

Friday, June 28, 2024

In Season

I have started getting fresh garden produce. 
Right now I am covered up with zucchini. I have been trying to give it away but it is coming in faster than I can get rid of it.  I am getting cucumbers too. But I have been able to keep up by eating those. 
Today I harvested my first broccoli head. I will most likely freeze this one. 
And the blackberries are starting to ripen, yum.

Morning riding is also in season.
If I get an early start I beat the heat and most of the bugs. It was a nice morning for a ride on Otoelene. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Bull Rodeo

Our Hereford bull started limping 5 days after being turned out with the heifers. Joe wanted to get him up to treat then turn back out. The bull was not that interested in leaving the heifers. 
We were finally able to get him into Hugo’s lot. Hugo was pretty excited about that. 

 The bull went every direction except where we wanted.
Success finally.  After a big dose of LA200 (long acting antibiotic) getting him back to the heifers was no problem. The next day he was walking fine.   Joe is always frustrated that after researching pedigrees and EPDs, paying thousands, then feeding it all winter something always happens to them shortly after turning them out with the cows.  If it’s not limping it’s an eye problem or a breeding injury. It is always something. 

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