Sunday, December 31, 2023

De decorating

It’s time to take down the Christmas tree.  It usually comes down faster than it goes up.
The biggest problem is fitting everything back in the closet.  I haven’t finished the ornament count yet, but it is over 700 so far.  
Now I have to do a final inspection once it is outside before it heads to the goats.  I don’t want to leave any hooks behind. 

Saturday, December 30, 2023

Look Who Is Three!

 That's right, the not quite 3 year old turned Three today. 

Sadie's third year was ushered in with balloons, pizza, 
more presents, 
and cup cakes. 
Allie had her eye on those cup cakes. 
But she got to enjoy the balloons too.  A fun day was had by all.  Happy Birthday Sadie.

Friday, December 29, 2023

Christmas Centerpiece Pinerest Success

Once again I took some decorating inspiration from Pinterest.  This time I was looking for a centerpiece idea that wasn't too tall to see over when everyone was seated. 
What I came up with involved a pool noodle, a broom stick and plenty of shatterproof ornaments.  I contemplated whether or not to do it and Virginia said, "if you don't like it what are you out, a dollar?"  I said maybe $2.  The noodle was 10 cents and the ornaments were on clearance at DG last year for 25 cents a package. 
It looked like I would have enough for the project so I went for it.  The broom stick was to put inside the noodle to keep it straight.  
Then there was a lot of hot gluing to be done.  But it left lots of gaps to fill in. 

I had some pinecones that worked well.  I also had some Christmas greenery picks that I cut up and stuffed in the gaps. 
Lastly, I cut bits of tinsel and poked down in most of the remaining holes. 
I think it turned out spectacularly.  It was just the right height to not interfere with table conversations.  One guest asked how I was going to store it.  I guess I will just have to find a way.  I think it is another Pinerest success!

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Animal Visit With Sadie

Sadie and Allie came over before Christmas on a very nice day.  It was so pretty we went for a walk to see the horses.  Allie is still scared so Virginia ended up having to take her back to the house.  
But Sadie walked right up to Draper and gave her a good pat. 
Then there was the rub on the nose.  
Next was Otoelene for the nose rub.  
I think Otoelene was hoping for a treat from the treat machine.  
We made it all the way to the top of the hill to see the goats.  Glitter jumped up and came right to Sadie. 
But she had grown a lot since the last time Sadie had seen her.  Sadie kept asking where Glitter was and wouldn't believe me that this was her.  She said, "why does she have horns?"
I think I finally convinced her that this was Glitter.  
She said that Glitter and Gold were growing just like her.  


Monday, December 25, 2023

Merry Christmas

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, from our  family to yours. 

Sunday, December 24, 2023

Christmas Eve On The Farm

Taking care of the animals doesn’t stop just because it is a holiday.  Joe said he hasn’t had a day off in the winter for the last 25 years.  
Today was no different.  There were calves to be fed.
But the view and the sky were beautiful, the weather was nice and the ground was dry.
The calves that were weaned last week have been getting sick.  We have treated 13 so far.  I went with Joe to check them before church in case he needed help getting any more up to treat.  But after examining them he thought they were all looking better.  Hopefully, there won’t be anymore getting sick. 

 But there was a sick goat.  I noticed her yesterday.  Joe was able to catch her today and carried her to the barn.  She looks like another worm issue.  She wasn’t too pale so maybe she will bounce back quickly.  

Merry Christmas Eve

Saturday, December 23, 2023

Most Unusual Nativity

I was in the State Surplus Store the other day and found a most unusual nativity.

 It has a label for Museum of the Bible.  The original price was $51.  The surplus store price was $15.  
All the pieces were wrapped up and inside the coconut.  I didn’t know if all the pieces were even there.  But I took a chance and bought it.  When I went to pay I commented on hoping that it was a complete set.  They charged me $10 and said the discount was in case something was missing.  I lucked out, it was all there.  

And by all, I mean some very confusing nativity figures.  I’m not sure what the pointy hat people are, I read villagers on a blog somewhere. 
Then there is this strange assortment of animals.  They could be about anything.  
But the most unusual is this grey headed thing.  I have no clue what this represents.  The set is from Haiti so I am guessing it could be some sort of witch doctor.  But whatever it is, the set is very unique and an interesting addition to my nativity collection.

Wednesday, December 20, 2023


That is all. Just a beautiful sunrise. 

Monday, December 18, 2023

Kit Kat Khristmas

Kit Kat came inside to inspect the progress with the tree.
He decided it was a good spot to have his Christmas pictures taken.  He is such a good model. 
The felt blue bird ornament caught his eye.
I think he was claiming it for his own.  

Saturday, December 16, 2023

Surprise Visitor

Our bull that is turned out with the fall calving cows injured himself yesterday and is done for the breeding season.  Joe tried to get him up by himself but wasn't successful. 
So today I went with him to help. 
It was pretty easy, I just had to wave my arms a little to help get him across the creek.  Joe did everything else to get him in to the barn lot.  

After that there was a calf that was a little off and Joe wanted to try to catch to treat her.  While he was walking around attempting to get close enough to rope her a surprise visitor showed up.  
He was pretty big and didn't really seem scared of us.  After posing for a few pictures he ran off over the hill.  I am glad this isn't the farm where we have our goats. 

Joe was not able to catch the calf but he did return with the truck and trailer to bring the bull back to the house and turned him into the bull lot.  This is the third year that he has not lasted for the entire breeding season.  He went lame the other two times.  Third strike and I think he is out.  

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Hope Short Lived

I went to catch Otoelene and Glitter and Gold were with the horses and not with the other goats. 
As I was taking Otoelene to the barn the goats crawled under the gate and got in the yard. 
 I grabbed the lunge whip and chased them out and blocked the hole under the gate. Those little troublemakers. 
My ride with Otoelene went well.  She was a little anxious at the beginning but calmed right down as soon as she saw the cattle.

The sunshine was very deceptive. I thought
 it was warmer than it actually was and unfortunately didn’t wear enough clothes to be comfortable. But it was a good ride all the same. 

Monday, December 11, 2023

Hints Of A White Chirstmas

It started snowing last night while we were out at our church Christmas party.  It didn't snow much but the flakes were big and pretty. 
This morning we had a dusting of snow to highlight my outdoor decorations. 
Of course the horses make the prettiest ornaments.  
By the afternoon, the snow was gone.  

 But it hinted at Christmas while it was here. 

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