Thursday, March 31, 2011

First Step

We took the first step in the barn building process on Tuesday. 
 This section of fence, even though it is in great shape, had to be taken out to allow for the new driveway to be cut down into the field.
We left one strand of electric wire to keep the cattle on one side and the horses on the other.  The orange line may have technically been the first step when the utility worker came out to mark the telephone line.  He marked the old line however, not the line currently in use, so I'm not really counting that as a step.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Out Like A Lion

We woke up to a bit of a March snow storm today.  Surprisingly, school was not canceled so V, at 6:20 asked if she could take the Rav (in the garage) because her car was covered with snow.
 Another one of the Herefords decided to calve this morning.  Poor thing looks a little cold but she is taking good care of it.
 The snow shows up nicely against a black background.
 My Camilla is still alive after repeated harsh weather and the infamous goat pruning (see )
 My iron wheels are still needing a more artistic location.
 The yoshino cherry trees are on the verge of blooming.
At least snows this time of year don't hang around long.  50's are forecast for tomorrow.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Week's Odds and Ends

 I had several pictures that I took this week that didn't fit in with anything else that I posted.
 I tried to get Oreo to pose with the beautiful daffodils but he was his usual uncooperative self.  Then of course any time Emma thinks something else is getting attention and she isn't she has to try and reverse the situation so end of photo shoot.
 It looks like the bees made it trough the winter.
 E took a rare trip down to the river with Emma to go fishing, no success.  Not sure what she would have done with a fish had she caught one.
We are hoping to break ground soon on a new barn (drawing not to scale- my first attempt at using Paint with a picture).  There will be a 60 x 100 foot room (which could be used as an arena) with a 24 foot shed along the long side. 
And for the end of the odds, Hank decided to scratch a itch (a little to aggressively).  The hair is starting to grow back.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Too Steep To Sleep

It's calving season now here on the 4R's.  We've had about 20 calves born so far.  We start calving a little later than most in our area.  We try to calve more in sync with nature so we can decrease the inputs needed to maintain the cows.  We keep too many to go to year round grazing so we still depend on hay in the winter.  The calves enjoy this fresh bedding that J puts out daily.
 This one picked a pretty steep spot to try to take a nap.
 Every time he tried to lay his head back he would start to flip over and slip down the hill.
 Mom even had to come check to make sure he was ok.
 He must have been very sleepy because he kept trying to get comfortable.
 One last big flip,
 and 3...2...1....
 he's down for the count.
I guess he finally got situated.

Monday, March 21, 2011


I've done a few farm repairs over the last several days.  It seems like there is always something to fix.  It just depends on how irritating or unsafe it is as to what gets fixed and what gets lived with.  This is a prime example.  The fence builders normally do a great job but something was off with their measurements on this gate in the barn lot.  The gap they left is big enough for a calf to push it's head through and get stuck.
 J's idea was to live with it.  Since I don't use the gate as much as he does I just put up with the metal post.
 But with Otoelene now in the barn lot I decided to try a more permanent solution.  A couple of 2x4's looks like it will do the trick.
 Another barn lot issue was the barn door.
 This is the door the cattle all come through when we are working them.  Once, too many tried coming through at the same time and busted it up pretty good.
 Again, I needed to make things safer for Otoelene.  A new board and several nails later, all is secure.
I also had to replace 2 boards in the riding ring.  A new horse sure is a lot of work.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

V's Views

V's providing a fresh perspective for the blog today. 

Thanks V.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Blocker Tie Ring

We  have had Otoelene for 3 weeks now and decided it is time to teach her to stand tied.  I think she was tied up once before we got her.  I have always felt that tying is very traumatic, usually more so on me than the horse because I worry about all of the things that can go wrong.
 I have been seeing ads for the Blocker Tie Ring I thought this might be a good option.
 I used the first setting and gave it a try.
 About the only testing she did was to try and scratch an itch.
I left her tied for about 15 minutes.  So far so good.
I'll try to give you a break from Otoelene and post about something else for the next few days.

Friday, March 18, 2011

First Meeting

Otoelene has been either in the barn lot or turned out in the riding ring since we got her 3 weeks ago.  Today I  turned her and Lady out where she has fence line contact with the other horses.
 Little Girl is the boss horse and she was very interested in checking out Otoelene.
 She finally came close enough to smell.
A little sniff, a squeal by Little Girl, then back to grazing.  Otoelene is much more interested in the grass than anything else right now.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


J brought a bull to the house from another farm yesterday.  Since the trailer was handy (it usually stays at the other farm) I thought it might be nice to work on loading and unloading.
After one initial minor pull back Otoelene hopped right on.
In fact, she got on so fast there were no in between pictures. 
J turned her around and took her back on again, this time letting her eat a little grain while she was on.

We did this a couple of more times and she did perfect.
Next, I wanted her to be able to back off.  I had practiced a few days ago with her backing off a concrete pad.
We practice a little more and then took her back to the trailer.  It was my turn to load her so no pictures but she did perfect.  She waited to get on until I told her then placed each foot.  I stopped her with just her front feet on then backed her off a couple of times.  Then I loaded her all the way and backed her off, perfect again.  Meanwhile, when we were doing all of this, the bull J brought home, along with the 2 other bulls in the lot J put him in, and 3 other bulls in an adjoining lot, were all bellowing and fighting.  It was quite a cacophony but she wasn't phased.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Who knew macrame from the 70's would ever come in handy.  I was able to take this...
And these directions from and a few measurement adjustments form  
and make this.
It fits Otoelene much better than any of out other halters.
I just wish I had something other than white rope but it does match her pretty white mane.  I think I still need to make an adjustment to the lead rope loop.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

What I would like to be doing

A nap would be nice.
I was paged at 6:00 AM (which is really 5:00 AM before the time change at 2:00 AM) for the following question, "my dog got into a fight 2 days ago and got his ear tore up, know what I mean?  Can I put neosporin on it?"  The answer is yes but the question could have waited another hour or two.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


What is that behind the forsythia bushes?

There are no forsythias in the field, this is the yard.

I don't have a lawn ornament that big (although it would be pretty cool.)
You can't hide from me.
Well, looky there.  It's Hank the Wonder Horse.

 Back to where you belong.  The problem with having a wonder horse is that he has powers beyond the ordinary horse.  This one, in addition to being able to luge, yes luge not lunge see ( can leap a cattle guard in a singe bound.  This allows him unprecedented access to the excellent grazing opportunity found in the yard.  I guess we are back to putting up the horse cable over the cattle guard.
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