Thursday, February 29, 2024

Seen On A Walk

I went on a walk yesterday evening and caught this little one in a photograph position.
I love the clouds behind her.
And how she looks like she is in such a rugged landscape.  Always take a camera, you never know what you will run across. 

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Monday, February 26, 2024

Hugo's Turn

 It was Hugo's turn to go out on a nice afternoon.  Thankfully, there were no sudden changes in the weather Sunday.  He was very easy to catch this time.  That is a big change.  

But there is also a  change in Hugo's winter coat.  A lot of it is starting to end up on the ground.  Shedding season has begun!
After a warm up in the barn we rode around the farm for about an hour.  No silly business today.  He was fine about getting on and off but I am still giving him plenty of warning about what I am about to do.  
He did get a little high headed when I wanted to stop to look at this down tree.  It was pretty big to have been growing on such a steep and rocky slope.  Maybe Mike can cut me a slice from the trunk for a table.  That would be cool.

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Going and Coming

Emily and Keiran have been job hunting since their return from Ecuador.  Keiran found one in North Carolina that he was willing to try out.  Emily has some prospects nearby.  Today they left to go live in Brevard.  Keiran’s job starts Monday. 
I will miss them terribly but at least they will be a lot closer than Ecuador. I think they are excited to be starting a new chapter.  But the day wasn’t all sad.  Virginia brought Sadie and Allie over for a visit. 
Sadie wanted me to braid her hair and play dress up.  We added earrings this time to the collection. 
Then we went outside to run around.  When Allie would fall she would say, “ok, ok.”  Telling me she was ok.  
Sadie wanted to know if I could do this. 
But don’t let the sunshine fool you.
After this we went to go pet the horses and goats.  Clouds blew in and it started raining and snowing with 20 mile an hour winds.  We were soaked and frozen by the time we made it back to the house.  After getting on some dry clothes we had to warm up under an electric blanket.

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Break In The Weather

It has been very cold lately. And I don’t like riding in the cold anymore. Not that
I ever did but I like it even less now.  But yesterday there was a break in the cold and the afternoon temperature got up to around 50 degrees. Plus, the wind was not blowing. That made a perfect afternoon for a ride on Otoelene. 
I decided to head down into the bottom where Joe has been feeding the cattle. Otoelene did a lovely western pleasure jog all the way to the end of the bottom and back. 
The cows are still a month from calving but some are looking pretty big. 
There were a lot just laying around too.  I think everyone was enjoying the break in the weather. 

Sunday, February 18, 2024

Not The Best And Brightest

Back in the summer there was a crew running fiberoptic cable all over the county.  There were lots of complaints.  
This was one of ours.  Apparently, they wanted to get through the entrance at Julian's but thought the electric fence that we had strung over the gate was too low.  (which is is now)
And since you are out there working next to the power lines anyway, let's not touch an electric fence wire.  Let's just cut the board holding it up, lay it down and drive over it.  Then if we put a big bolt in one board, that is pretty much putting it back the same.  Now with all the vertical weight supported by one  horizontal board, the weight of it is twisting the fence board and getting ready to fall.  
Joe had me charge up the drill so we could work on splicing the support board.  

 Maybe it will last a little longer now.  As Joe said, "They weren't the best and brightest."  

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Different Patient

Yesterday Animal Control brought in a red tail hawk.  
It had been found beside the road and the rehab center wanted a radiograph to make sure there were no major issues.  With a cat muzzle on to neutralize the beak and some vet wrap to protect us from the talons, we were ready to take the radiographs.
It did not try to put up a fight.
You can tell what a spectacular bird it is.

 Fortunately, we didn’t see any major issues so on to rehab.  Apparently, Animal Control brought in another one last week.  They said it was underweight but doing well and should make a full recovery. I am hoping the same for this one.  

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Devastating Loss

While I was gone, the neighbor across the gravel road with the 10 Rhodesian Ridgebacks called and said something was dead and laying in the woods.  He could see a body, he didn't know goat or dog,  on our property from his house and came over to investigate.  He called back and left another message saying it was one of our dogs.  After Joe got the message he went and found Power Puff Girl dead.  She had apparently been shot, most likely by someone driving down the gravel road.  She was a beautiful, sweet, gentle dog doing her job on our property.  I will never understand the callous evil in some people. 
Puff was only 10 months old. 
She was still just a puppy. 
And she liked doing puppy things. 

But she loved people. 
Especially children.  She had been raised by a family that homeschooled 5 children.  She was still growing and was most likely going to be our largest dog.  I am heartsick and devastated at this senseless killing.  

Monday, February 12, 2024

Unbelievable Find

Yesterday we went out at low tide to walk on the beach.  This time I wore a long sleeve shirt, two sweatshirts and my winter coat.  I also had my slip on rubber boots so I could check out the shells in the surf better.  I had found a few regular shark teeth but nothing special so I gave up and was getting ready to just pick up smooth rocks for a project I have in mind.  I turned around to head toward the end of where the rocks were and found…..

 It is by far the largest tooth I have ever found. Just unbelievable.

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Beachy Day

Yesterday the weather was nice enough for an afternoon walk on the beach.  I did have to wear a long sleeve shirt and two sweatshirts with the hood up, but it was still nice. 

 I was surprised at how many other people were walking on the beach too.  I didn’t really expect to see very many but it was at least half of what we see in the summer. 
I found some new faces. 

I tried to take some bird pictures.  It is much easier with my phone camera.  
Looking forward to another nice walk today. 

Saturday, February 10, 2024

Change of Venue

I am getting a little change of scenery this weekend. 
Unfortunately, Joe is not.  I have never been to the beach in February before.  It is not as warm this weekend as I had hoped but maybe it will be nice enough this afternoon for a walk on the beach. 

 I did have some good company on the trip down. Ann picked out a Vietnamese restaurant for lunch, Bonjour Banh Mi & Tea in Durham, North Carolina. Very tasty. 
This goes along with the changing up of my birthday lunch choice in favor of The Rain Bowl, a Japanese restaurant with a Korean twist over a steak house.  Full disclosure, I did get home raised steak the next day. 

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Sun Angles

I caught Hugo yesterday for another ride.  The last 3 times I have gone to catch him he has walked away some, but eventually stopped and turned toward me and let me catch him.  A huge improvement over having to run him into the barn and running him around for 20 minutes before he would stop.  Progress!
Anyway, the sun was hitting his hair and making it look iridescent.  I thought that it looked pretty cool. You can even see some purple spots in the black. 
We had a good ride.  
And with the sun angle, a good shadow.  
The cows were unimpressed with our passing by.  Hugo was also good for me to get off several times for the gates.  No more jumping sideways.  I guess I just gave him too much time off.
Then when I went to feed the dogs, Maggie was enjoying the sunshine next to a large oak tree. 
And I turned around in time to see the horses galloping up the hill with the sun highlighting their manes and tails.  
What a beautiful world.  

Monday, February 5, 2024

Surprise Horse

In the spirit of experiences over things, Virginia and Mike got us a gift certificate to the Lincoln Theater for Christmas. Joe found a show he wanted to see and we got tickets for Saturday.  This was also a taping for Song of the Mountains on PBS.  So stay tuned, we might be on TV. 
First up was the Kody Norris Show, a very good Bluegrass band with very snazzy outfits. 
Then came The Malpass Bothers.  They sing traditional county music.  But they threw in a little humor too. 
One brother came out in a horse costume for a comedic rendition of Marty Robbins "El Paso City."  I won't say anymore to not spoil it in case you want to see it on Song Of The Mountains in a few months. 

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