Monday, August 31, 2020


Mary from work gave me a bucket of Black Eyed Susan plants last week.  They have been living in the garage for the last 4 days while I have tried to find a place to put them. It is getting more challenging every year to find spots for things.  
 But I think this will work.  I had to dig the grass back some to make it wide enough. 
 Then, tada! Flowers!  This is a bush like variety, tall with a little smaller flower.
 This is the kind I already had.  I transplanted these last year.
 But this is what most of mine look like right now, plenty of black eyes, very little Susan. 
I think if these make it, they will look very nice with the arborvitaes in the background. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Moving Bulls

J has 8 different bulls.  During breeding season there is always some shuffling around to do.  He had put a young one out with the cows but he started limping after just a few days.  That meant sorting another one out of the bull lot to take to the cows.  Otoelene was called into service on that one.  The bull lot is very rough, steep, trees, gullies.  Plus, the one J wanted was submissive to two others in the lot.  At one point, the bull was trying to cut back around the water tank, Otoelene and I came around the other way and were face to face with him.  He tried butting Otoelene in the chest but she didn't budge.  My rein slapping and yelling finally got him to turn around and we got him out.
 That left the lame bull to get back in.
 Nothing near as dramatic here.
Otoelene does love her cattle work.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Just Kit Sunday #161

I really like how my flowers have done this year.  They have out done themselves with all the rain we have had. 
 I had some zinnias volunteer next to the house where I usually plant them.  But they always get too big there and end up taking over the sidewalk.  So this year, as we harvested the onions, I would move over a zinnia into the spot.  This has been a much better arrangement. 
 Then in place of where the zinnias have been, I planted blue salvia and vinca instead.  They have been much tamer, not overtaking the sidewalk but still giving a nice pop of color.
 Kit Kat didn't want to be left out of the photo shoot so he started strutting his stuff.
 I think he is ready for the runway, just look at that attitude.
Then back in the garden, I have never tried before but this year I thought I might go for a second round of lettuce.  Once again, with the rain, it looks like we will be getting a second crop.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Coupon Saturday #47 and New Wardrobe

Had to go to Dollar General for my weekly free stuff. 
 I did make a mistake this time.  Their wifi hasn't been working so I can't check to make sure the items attach to the digital coupons.  But I pretty much have all of this at home, so I just check before I go.  But I forgot to look at the Dentalife.  I couldn't remember if the coupon had expired or not.  I took a chance but it didn't pay off. 
 So instead of overage that should have taken care of most of my tax, I had to pay 40 cents plus tax.  Oh well, at least I got $32.66 for free.
Then our local Goody's has been going out of business for the last 8 months.   But they are getting serious now, some of the stuff is 90% off.  Nine shirts, 1 sweater, 4 pairs of pants and a dress.....$48.80!  That is definitely cheaper than Goodwill.  And the truly amazing thing is, even with no dressing rooms to try stuff on, it all fit. 

Sunday, August 16, 2020

The Hummingbird

I left the garage door open for a little while the other day.  J when back out after lunch and said there was a hummingbird in there.
 The poor little thing was flying around frantically at the ceiling and would just not pay attention to the big door opening.  I got a rake and tried to guide it out to no avail. 
 Then I ran in and quick made some hummingbird food and filled the feeder thinking that might attract it toward the door.  No luck there either, it was just too scared.  Kit Kat walking around the garage probably didn't help the situation any either.  It finally wore itself out and perched on the garage door rails.  I grabbed a ladder, climbed up and gently captured it.
 It didn't even struggle.  I took it outside and put its little beak in the feeder and it started eating.  Then it perched on the feeder and ate some more.  Ran in and got my camera sure that it would be gone by the time I got back outside, but there it was. 
It posed for me and let me get some of the spiderwebs off its beak.  Then I stepped back and it flew away.

Friday, August 14, 2020

More Guest Photographer

I really enjoy when E shares her pictures with me.  I asked her to comment on this latest group of photos.
Alligator from the boardwalk.
American Oystercatcher.  A semi rare bird that wildlife people like to band to keep track of.
Woodstork, use to be endangered but in good shape now.
Great horned owl, seen around 8 pm.
Black vulture seen on a morning tour.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Made It To Horse Heaven With Walker

We were going to ride Friday, but it rained 3 inches Thursday and we didn't think the trails would be in very good shape. 
Then Walker was going to help his granddad in the hay Saturday.  So J and I decided to head out on our own with Jessica and Otoelene.  We only made it less than a mile.  Jessica had no energy, sweat was dripping off of her and she was breathing like a freight train.  She usually takes the lead and walks out like she is on a mission.  Saturday she kept stopping, I finally got in front with Otoelene and Jessica didn't even try to keep up.  We decided to quit and go back.  I think she may have a heart problem.  Everything is pointing in that direction.  She is fine in the field and no problems eating, so she is just hanging out for now.  I am going to have my large animal vet friend come take a look.   So, I guess it worked out that Walker wasn't with us on that ride.  
Then Monday, J got a new mount.  He picked Otoelene to ride. 
Walker was on Hank of course. 
The misery index was pretty high for the first couple of miles.  Swarms of horse flys, and Otoelene and Draper didn't want to go in front.  That left Hank ambling at a painfully slow pace until we got Walker to keep him sped up. 
We crossed paths with this snake, I am saying it is a rattlesnake. It was pretty big. 
Once we made it to the top the flies weren't as bad and I was able to get Draper out front to pick up the pace.  
Walker said he liked riding in the middle anyway. 
Draper's ears to prove she was there. 
 Once we hit the gravel road we did some trotting which Walker enjoyed.  First trail ride under his belt now.  He said it was fun and I think is ready to go camping next. 

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Coupon Saturday #46 And Better

This was a good week for couponing, that is if you need any more shampoo, body wash or tooth paste.  But I haven't bought any toilet paper since the start of the Wangu Virus.  I was down to my last package and thought it was time now that the stores are more stocked.
 I didn't have a coupon for the Angel Soft but that didn't matter.
 I got it for $1.08 anyway.  And I had so much fun doing that scenario that I went around again and did another one.
 More stuff I don't need,
 but who can pass up 79 cents.  Oh, and there is an icecream sandwich in the freezer that I already put away.  That's a total of $63.43 for $1.87 plus tax.
And what's better than couponing you might ask.  Just walking out in the yard and picking all of this!  And there are green beans to pick when it dries off plus you don't see all of the blackberries we eat off the vine.

Friday, August 7, 2020

Diet And Exercise

Otoelene has been in the diet lot for a month now.  I am not sure she is actually losing any weight, but as I tell my clients, "the first part of weight loss is to stop gaining."  
 I hope we have at least accomplished that.
 J is getting our fall calves ready to send out west soon.  Monday, we got them in and vaccinated them. 
 J gets his Farmercising in by toting around 50 pound bags of feed for them.
And Otoelene gets her exercise by riding though and checking on things. 
It's funny, some animals we are wanting to gain weight and others lose.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Guest Photographer

E sent some more outstanding pictures from Cumberland Island.  The shots she gets continue to amaze me. 

This stunning egret picture is my favorite. 
But you have to love a painted bunting too.
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