Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Happy Halloween

 Bunny wishes everyone a Happy Halloween.

But where in the world is he?

Friday, October 27, 2023

Fall Fun

Thought I would share some pictures of Sadie and Allie having some fall fun last weekend.
Sadie rolled around in the leaves.

Allie looked cute
Until I tried to get their picture together.

She was still scared of Kit Kat.

But look, she finally petted him.

 We had a fun time.

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Camera Comparisons

Virginia told me that she is seeing a big improvement in my blog picture quality.  I thought I would do a little comparison to see if there really was much difference.
Emily’s Canon Powershot
My Canon Powershot pocket camera.                                                                                                                         
Emily’s Canon Powershot
My Canon Powershot pocket camera.

I think the iPhone is the winner.  Emily’s camera is very nice and will probably do zoom better (forgot to compare that) but it is much bulkier to carry around.  My canon is very convenient to carry, fits in my pocket, but the pictures are really lacking in quality.  Maybe the iPhone will be the best of both worlds, fits in my pocket and high quality pictures.


Monday, October 23, 2023

Fall Cow/Calf Day

Today Mike came to help work the fall calving cows and calves.
It was a frosty morning. 
There was no drama.  Good help made everything work smoothly.
I did some practicing with the portrait feature on my phone. 
I could practice because Mike and Joe did most of the work.
As the morning wore on layers started coming off.  The cows all got their breed back vaccine and pour on, and the calves all got their 7 way, ear tag and the bulls were castrated.  Lunch at the Dutch Pantry was well deserved.

Saturday, October 21, 2023

Goat Day

Goat sale day started yesterday with a round up.

Unfortunately, the goats were spread out everywhere.
But we didn’t know that to start with. We thought they were all in the hay field. 
Joe spied this buck while we were getting the goats all together.  He said it was huge.
Anyway, goats kept coming out from everywhere, the woods, over the hill, past the red barn, in the hollow.
We did a lot of walking.  We got back to the house at dark.  But I wasn’t convinced that we had gotten them all. (I love the red maple in the yard)

Since I am still practicing with my phone I thought I would check the fitness app to see if it registered our walk. It did,  3.69 miles and 28 flights of stairs.  Joe walked even further.  Now that is some serious farmercising.

The next morning we had Mike help.  I knew we were missing Tribble.  She is normally with Trouble but was nowhere to be seen. 
Sure enough, she showed up but with some random wild nanny.  Power Puff Girl was back from her visit to the clinic.  I spayed her a Monday and let her stay there a few days to heal.  It hasn’t slowed her down  at all.  At 7 1/2 months old, she is already 63 pounds.
There was lots of sorting, picking out the culls, selecting the replacements and cutting out a few small ones to sell later.  We ended up taking 4 nannies and 85 kids to the sale.  That will leave 71 to breed for next year. 

Friday, October 20, 2023

First iPhone Post

I purchased an iPhone 14 pro in preparation for our trip next week.  I wanted to be able to take better pictures than my point and shoot camera does and my current phone has very limited abilities.  Mostly it is just for emergencies and for directions.  It only has 15 gigabytes and 14 of that is filled up with “other” which I can’t get rid of.  So picture taking with that one is out of the question.  Since I am off work today I thought I would do some practicing with this new phone. 
Standing on the back porch…

Letting Emily see one of her plants is doing well in my care. 
Close up mode. (Also Emily’s plant)
Wildlife from the tv room.
I ran outside in between rain showers.  Flower close ups look great. 
And landscapes do well. 
I just love my pot of sedums.
But if I zoom in too much it starts to look like a watercolor.  I think I will have to practice some more before we leave.
I managed this entire post from the new phone!

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Allie Sunday

It was Allie’s turn to stay with us today.
We started with a two hour nap after lunch.  We sang, played blocks and read. 
Then we headed outside for a walk.  Joe did all of the heavy lifting.
The weather was a little nippy but the sun was shining and the view was beautiful.
Allie still does not care for any of the animals.  Joe couldn’t get her to touch a goat.
Or the horse. 
She enjoyed looking around the yard.
At least until Kit Kat showed up.
She said ball and grabbed up my glass gazing ball.  I did manage to get to her before it broke.
Mike, and Virginia showed up with Sadie shortly afterwards and the undivided attention was over with.

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