Friday, April 30, 2021

Kidding Chaos

There has been a lot happening on the farm even if it is not happening on the blog.
There was a nice set of triplets born to a nanny with a huge udder that almost drug the ground.  The babies couldn't figure it out so we had to get her to the barn where we could work with her better. 

 Between the dogs, the other baby goats, the nanny and the triplets, it was quite the circus.  But it all worked out, the kids learned to nurse, the udder shrunk up some and everyone is happy.  
We had several nights with temperatures dropping into the 20's.  The barrel was a popular hangout. 
Then there was this set of triplets.  She was being a great mom, keeping them all together but the little brown and white one just wasn't getting enough.  With the cold weather it got too weak and had to make a trip to the house.
It spent a couple of days in the laundry room.  I had to tube feed it a few times before it decided it was better to nurse from the bottle.  
Now it is with 4 others on the bottle feeder. 
And then there was this.  We are pretty sure they are all hers.  But the important thing is that she thinks they are all hers.  I have her in a separate field for the time being to see how all of this will shake out. 

Kit count - 99 ish

Friday, April 23, 2021

Guest Photographer

 Correction, the rare bird is the second photo, a garganey.

 Just wanted to share some of the amazing photos E has been taking in Texas.  One of the birds was a rare sighting and was put on eBird as a rare bird alert.  I believe it is the last one, a least grebe. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Cuteness Overload

Just a little something to brighten your day.  A set of triplets playing with mom.

 Kid Count - 75

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Just Kit Sunday #166

Kit was enjoying the garden this week.  He wanted to show off how early I am getting it planted. 
Yes, his backdrop is the broccoli cage.  It is full of broccoli, cauliflower and brussels sprouts.   I have never grown sprouts before, looking forward to seeing how they turn out.  I tried to grow them last year but what was labeled as sprouts turned out to be cabbage.  I was assured this time that they are really brussels sprouts.  The onions are up, the lettuce is starting to emerge and the peas are planted.

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Senior Challenge

J's dad and step mom attend a local seniors meeting.  Somehow boxes of food get distributed there.  Last week they gave one of their boxes to J.  The box was labeled "5 day menu"  and contained a variety of single serving food items.  The only directions were what foods for days 1-5.  I couldn't tell if it was supposed to be a complete meal, two meals, a meal supplement or what.  After I divided it out I decided I could maybe make a breakfast and lunch out of it.  J said if I did that I would lose weight.  Let the challenge begin. 
Monday's menu was a little sparse.  I think I lasted about 3 hours after lunch before I had to start supplementing. 
Tuesday was much better but I refused to use the powdered milk, I just substituted the same amount in real milk.  But I was working outside pretty hard that day.  I don't think the calorie count took into account seniors that were very active.  
Wednesday looked pretty good, I liked the tuna on the tortilla.  But I was at work and someone brought in bagels from Panera Bread, had to have one.  
Thursday, at work again, I skipped the breakfast essentials for a glass of milk but there were still some bagels at work.  The Panera Bread honey/walnut cream cheese is delish. 
I gave up on Friday.  I usually have dinner leftovers for lunch and they were piling up in the fridge.  And I just wasn't feeling that little can of chicken noodle soup. I don't think I did very well.  If I had stuck to just the 5 day plan I am sure I would have lost weight but I only managed to stay the exact same.  But I enjoyed having a bunch of different things I normally would not purchase.  Maybe they will give us another box and I can try again.

Kid Count - 43


Friday, April 16, 2021

Post Op

Molly is about 7 months old now, time to spay before she comes in heat.  I thought it would be a good time while we had all the goats in the kidding lot so there wouldn't be as much roaming around afterwards. 
I had to borrow a crate from the clinic to get her there.  She was pretty sad looking. 
Surgery went fine, she weighed 61 pounds.  I did the surgery Monday thinking I would bring her home Wednesday after work but decided to leave her until Thursday.  I was pretty sure she would be way too active back at home.  
Boy, was she happy to be back.  
Plus, there were lots of new arrivals while she was gone.  
Some twins, a couple of singles and 
two sets of triplets.  11 nannies have kidded so far.  And so far, Molly has been behaving herself.  

Kid count - 22

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Farmercising With Fertilizer

J came home with 10 - 50# bags of fertilizer the other day.
He wanted to spread some on a section of the farm we can only get to by walking or riding a horse.  
You can just see the 4 wheeler up on the hill.  J had to carry the bags down one at a time, 
to get them across the creek.  
but the creek was deeper than usual so he changed his mind about walking across. 
On to plan B, and toss them across.  Then we crossed further down where we could jump. 
Then we poured the fertilizer into buckets and started spreading by hand. 
We did 250 pounds on this first knoll, then J did the rest by himself the next day on the knoll behind this one (I was on my retreat). We then had a torrential downpour. J estimates 2-3 inches of rain, so now it has probably all washed away.  But maybe some soaked in for some good, too early to tell. 

Monday, April 12, 2021

Weekend Retreat

Saturday I headed to Swoop (rhymes with rope) VA for a drug company sponsored women's retreat.  It had been rescheduled several times and it still ended up being sparsely attended with a total of 7 vets and staff from 3 clinics.  But all the better, everyone had a room to themselves in the bunkhouse, and there was plenty to eat and drink.  There was a couple of hours of CE but that was covered at meal time. 
Sunday morning was clear and beautiful after a night of rain. 
We started with some yoga.  Nothing too challenging, mostly stretches.  
And then for the main attraction.  A guided trail ride.  Those are Doc's ears that I am looking through.  
Jenna from my clinic rides Saddlebreds, so this one was a piece of cake.  
Our trail guide Dwight dressed the part. 
Some horses were faster than others so there was a lot of stopping to let them catch up and stay together.  Plus, Dwight stopped every whipstitch to make sure everyone was ok.  
Doc wasn't a big fan of other horses anywhere near.  Dwight said the only thing he liked was himself.  There were lots of ear pinning and kicking episodes.  He wanted a very large personal space bubble.  
We rode through the woods, on gravel roads and paved roads.  The scenery was beautiful.  We even saw a bald eagle.  
Everyone made it back in one piece after a nice 2 1/2 hour ride. 
I checked Doc's teeth when I got off, Dwight caught me and asked how old I thought he was.  I said, "plenty old, 20."  He said he turned 20 this year.  Yes! high five!  

All in all, a nice weekend with a little change of pace (I didn't have to saddle and unsaddle my horse anyway)

Friday, April 9, 2021

Who's Ears Are Those

I will take a break from calving adventures to post on something more interesting, to me anyway, horse adventures. 
Draper! that's who's ears they are.  I had pulled her shoes in the winter and the weather was so bad I just didn't ride her but a handful of times.  But she got new shoes Tuesday and the weather was beautiful this morning so we went riding.  We did our warm ups in the barn.  
Then headed to the outdoor arena for some more work.  Then a spin around a couple of the fields.  For not having been ridden much the past few months she did pretty good.  Still some things to work on but that probably never ends with horse training.  
She even worked up a sweat. (she is not that tired, just wanting to check out those buckets)
And she enjoyed a little shower to cool off with.  

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