Friday, October 30, 2015

Fall Ride

When V and Mike visited last weekend they decided to join me and Otoelene on a ride around the farm. 
 V took out her old show pony turned endurance horse Jessica and Mike was on Hank the Wonder Horse.
 I think Mike is getting the hang of this riding thing. Of course it helps to have a Wonder Horse as your partner.
 The Fall colors were beautiful.
V said they were Hokie colors.  I would have to agree there.  Hope everyone is enjoying your Fall.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Good Fences # 84

Because we had extra help Saturday working the cattle, (see here) I had more time to take pictures.  So here are a few more.

 Before tagging,
 tired and waiting their turn. 
 Now sporting new tags, 
 The 5 is for 2015 and the second number is just a number. 
Aren't they precious. 
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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Work, Work, Work

V and Mike came here again last weekend to help work cattle.
 It's really wonderful to have such good help arrive.  (but it does involve more trips to the grocery store)
 I mostly got to stand back and take pictures while they sorted the cows and calves.

 I did give the shots and we have one cow with a crooked horn we have to tip every year or two.
 Then it was time for the calves.
 J and Mike did the castrating while V got the supplies ready.
 I gave the shots again and Mike did the ear tagging.

We did have an unusual number of calves that wanted to stick their heads through the side of the chute instead of the head gate.  It is sort of like a child getting their head stuck in the stair rails, easy in difficult out.  But all in all a good morning, pleasant weather and wonderful help.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Just Kit Sunday #91

J found a pumpkin vine growing in the field down by the creek and has been keeping an eye on it this fall. 
 After the recent frost he went ahead and brought the 1 pumpkin it was growing to the house.
 Well, of course that warranted an inspection by Kit Kat.
 Apparently a very close inspection.
Bet he is thinking of some good pumpkin pie.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Good Fences #83

Or Good Gates as the case may be.  I told J Tuesday morning that I was going to ride Otoelene (my dream hrose)  He said, "Well the cows need to be moved if you want to do something,'  like just riding wasn't doing anything. (I know he didn't mean it that way but it sounds better for the blog)
 This particular move involved opening a lot of gates.   First I had to go through 2 gates to get the this gate which needed to be opened.
 Followed by this gate,
 then this one.
 Now for the gate that the cows had gathered behind.
 Otoelene kept a close eye on them as they filtered through.
 Then they had to move on to the next field.  The red cow took the lead there.
 By the time I had ridden through the last pasture to make sure they were all out, and closed back 2 of the gates,  most of the cows and calves were through the other gates into this field.
Then there was one more gate.  J said just let them mosey through this one on their own, so I was done.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tush Cushion Product Review

J got me this Tush Cushion for Christmas last year. 
I thought it would be great for trail rides when we were with large groups and just walked and sat.  This year we only went on one ride like that and I used it then and liked it.
 Saturday I tried it again even though we were "training" and doing a lot of trotting.  With the cooler temperature it was like sitting on a seat warmer.  It was still comfortable and didn't shift any while we were trotting.  I would have to say I like it.  Since it sat me up a little higher I did have to raise my stirrups a notch but once that adjustment was made it worked perfect.
Plus it is made in the USA.

Monday, October 19, 2015

How To Enjoy Fall Colors

Well, obviously the best way is on horseback.  
 J and I took off for a ride on Saturday.  The weather was perfect, 50's and sunny and NO FLIES!  J has been wanting to do a 50 mile ride and is toying with trying one in South Carolina in November so he is trying to keep/get Jessica in shape.  He as never done a 50 and we are thinking it would be better to try on flatter, smoother ground and in cooler weather than the ride we do here in August.
 Part of our ride Saturday had some beautiful views.
 Plus we got a glimpse of our farm through the trees.
 The leaves are starting to change and there were some beautiful colors, reds
 and yellows.
But Brother had a different way of enjoying the fall foliage.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Wrangler's Second Foot

Despite having a buyer all lined up for Wrangler, he is still here.
Bad horse angle I know, but beautiful view and lighting-I couldn't resist
The horse that hasn't been lame since I got him 2 years ago has been lame since this buyer has been wanting him.
Three weeks ago the bottom of his left hoof looked like this. (that's a drained abscess in the 2:00 position.  
Now the outside of his right front looks like this.  Just when he was sound from the left hoof and I was to call the buyer, he came up 3 legged lame on the right.  I had the shoe pulled but neither the farrier or I could find anything on the bottom.  I took a week before it started draining from the coronary band.  He is still lame but at least now he is walking on it and now hopping around on 3 legs.
 I've had him just on bute once a day now.
 I crush the tablets with this handy mortar and pestle that came with a chemistry set my sister had from 40 years ago.  It really does a great job.
 The current binding agent I'm using is banana creme yogurt.   I think he liked the strawberry better though.
 After mixing I put it in a syringe,
 that I've cut the tip off of.
 Then it's outside to capture the not so unsuspecting horse.
Now the fun part.  I think he's giving me the hairy eyeball.
It's a race now to get him sound before my buyer finds another horse she likes better.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Trail Cam #5

It's been a while since J put out his trail cam, a year to be exact.  But when Mike and V came to visit last weekend, they set it back out.  
 We got lots of pictures of squirrels.  
 I think this might be a fox.
 Definitely a raccoon.
 A couple of deer but no bucks.
And my favorite picture, 10 turkeys.
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