Friday, March 30, 2018

Product Review, Drill Brushes

There use to be a rechargeable scrubbing brush by Dustbuster, that I wanted but never got.   I don't know how I learned about these brushes, but I thought they would be the perfect substitute. 
 They are brushes that can attach to a drill. 
J was needing new Muck boots, so since I was getting free shipping I just added the brushes to the order.  So far I have used the large flat one on the tile floor and the 360 brush on the shower.  Let me just say, they work GREAT.  Love, love, love the shower one.  I can now even use up the cheap cleaner that wasn't working all that great.  The scrubbing ability more than makes up for the bad cleaner.  I've been using them for about a month now with no issues.  If you have a recharagle drill and need to do some cleaning, try these.  I got mine off Amazon for about $14. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Bad Luck Streak

It started Sunday morning.  There was the snow there was the snow, which was melting some and very slick.  J was feeding the cows, had a bale on the spear and was headed down a steep hill.  
 When this cow got in between the front of the tractor and the hay bale and the tractor started to slide.  J couldn't stop and ran over the cow.  It looked like she may have broken a rear leg.  But, thankfully, the next day she was walking better and today just a little limp.
 But not so lucky with this cow.  She calved yesterday morning, everything was fine.  When J went to check in the evening she was dead.  It looks like she choked eating the afterbirth.  Freak accident.  But the calf was fine.
 So we loaded him in the 4-wheeler cart and hauled him to the barn. 
He had already nursed some and I milked the cow for some more colostrum and we mixed that with some milk replacer.   Looks like we have a bottle calf for the time being. 

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Snow Day

The calendar said Spring started March 20th, but no one told the weather that. 
 It snowed here all day yesterday. 
 We had about 6 inches by nightfall. 
 Then it started snowing harder.
 Sometime during the night it changed to freezing rain.  The power flicker off several times but thankfully, we never lost it.  In town about 7000 were without power this morning. 
 The birds were tweeting in the snow covered trees. 
 The yard and scenery were very pretty.
 The snow started melting as soon as the sun came up.  With the crust of ice on top it is hard to tell how much we actually ended up with, maybe around 8 inches. 
 It added a little extra work to the day. 
Now it is melting so fast we are going to end up with a lot of mud for a few days. 

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Coupon Saturday #3

J needed shaving cream.  Well, if you are couponing, you can't just get shaving cream.
 Right Guard @3 x 3 = 9  - 4.99 off 3 paper coupon plus - 3 instant savings when you spend $8
Gillette                       =1.85 - 1.00 paper coupon
Secret                         = 4.00 - 4.00 paper coupon (from company, sent email unhappy with scent of                                                                                          new deodorant)
                                      - $2 off $10 (two day only promotion)
total                           = -0.14 plus tax (so $0.38 oop)
I told J to tell me before he runs out of something so I can work on the coupon for it.  It worked out well this time.
 Then I couldn't pass up this deal because I had another 2 off 10 burning a hole in my pocket.
Gliss @5 x 2   = 10     - 3 instant savings - 5 b1g1
Fructis             =2.10   - 2 digital coupon
kleenex            =1        - .75 paper q
                                     - 2 off 1
total                 =  0.35 plus tax
 Then I have been wanting some M & M's.  I am out of Christmas and Valentine's ones, so on to Easter.  They were on sale this week 2 for $4.
M&M's                   = 8     - 2 (2 $1 off 2 paper q)
St, Ives                   = 2     -1.50 paper q
Nieva                      = 3      - 2 paper q
Kleenex x 2  @1    = 1      - .75 x 2  paper q (-1.50)
                           - 3 off 15
total                       =  $5.00  So I saved a dollar by buying the other 4 things to get my M&M's
And because I really like M&M's and needed a gallon of milk...
M&M's @ $4 for 2 x 3  =12       -3 (3 paper q's)
milk                               =2.85  I thought it was going to be $3 so I had to get a Filler (something to                                                       get the order up to $15, and kleenex has been working pretty good for                                                     this) 
Kleenex                         =1     -.75 paper q
                                                - 3 off 15
total                               = 9 plus tax
  Looks like I am actually willing to pay for M&M's.  For the week not counting the milk I would get anyway,  $11 for 10 bags of M&M's and the rest basically FREE!
And no coupons here, just a freezer full of 1/2 a beef that J feed this winter.  We sold the other 1/2 and V and M will probably get most of this 1/2.
And I almost forgot, V wanted to share her coupon success.  She followed my instructions to the T.  But it should have been 34 cents less.  Sometimes the full 3 off 15 won't come off but I think she did great!  Kleenex, Swiffer duster, Swiffer multi surface spray, and 3 shampoo/conditioners for $1.14.
Happy couponing!

Friday, March 23, 2018


If you recall, I had my flowerbeds mulched last fall.  They were looking very nice and tidy this Spring, until...
 I found several holes dug, dirt and mulch thrown everywhere.
  No, we don't have a new dog, and the guard dogs don't come in the yard. 
 But here is the culprit. 
 Yes, Mr. Fox is back.  Looks like he found a small rodent this trip.

So, I guess I am just trading one varmint for another. 

Monday, March 19, 2018

Riding, Traveling, and Farmercising

Draper had a hoof abscess she was recovering from and I had a back twinge I was recovering from, so no follow up on Draper's first two sessions until yesterday.  Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures because I loaned my 32 g memory card to V and M for their trip to Italy! 
 Anyway, I put in a 256 mb card thinking I would be able to take a few pictures.  Well, a few ended up being 6.  But my camera had indicated the card was empty.  I didn't find the problem until I went to download the pictures and found V's phone pictures, 332 of them.  Maybe I will hold them for blackmail. 
Back to Draper.  I went ahead and put the western saddle on, lounged her, then got on.  No drama what so ever.   The only problem was, I couldn't get her to trot.  I think I will have to wait until J can help me, either from the ground with the lounge whip, or by riding another horse and letting me follow.  I still can't get over how calm and consistent she is with so very little work. 
 V and J did come to visit this weekend before their trip.  Did I mention they are going to Italy!  V has planned the 10 day trip herself.  They are going to Florence and Rome and staying in Air B&B's.  This will be m's first plane ride.  They are very excited.
 Now on to Farmercising.  J had cut some wood on this steep hillside and it was time to go get it. 
 So, up the hill, pick up log, throw down hill. 
 Then pick up log again and throw over fence.
Then pick up log again, and put in truck.  Then pick up log again and stack in wood pile.  Then pick up log again and load in stove.
When I went to the doctor the other day, she asked if I exercised.  I said, no, I farmercise.  She said people pay money to be able to do that.  I said, send them on, we'll put them to work. 

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Just Kit Sunday #132

The snow is gone (for the time being).  And Kit Kat wanted to show off some Spring flowers. 

These are some cute miniature Daffodils that I got from my boss at Easter last year.  So glad they came back.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Coupon Saturday #2

I have a busy week of couponing to review today. 
 First, Eddie Bauer emailed me a $15 coupon.  Since it was about to expire and I wasn't going to be near a store any time soon, I just went to the web site and found something I could get where the $15 would cover the purchase price and the shipping.  So, I got a nice pair of hiking socks for FREE.
 E let me make a Dollar General account with her phone number, so I got to repeat some digital coupon scenarios.
Unstoppables @4 x 2  = 8    -4  bogo paper q
Febreeze @ 3 x 2        = 6    - 3 digital                 
                                             - 2 instant savings
Kleenex                       = 1    - .75 digital
Dawn @ 1 x 2             = 2    - 2 paper q
                                             - 3 off 15 survey q                                                                                                                           = $2.25 plus tax oop (out of pocket)
 Febreeze @ 3 x 4   = 12 - 3 bogo paper q
                                         -3 off 2 digital q
                                         - 2 instant savings off $10
Jergens                    = 3.5 - 3 paper q
Dawn @ 1 x 2        =  2   - 2 paper q
                                         - 3 off 15
                               =  $1.5 plus tax oop
 Then a trip to dollar tree and walmart $0.85 plus tax oop
 Back to Dollar General
Swiffer Duster            = 4.50  - 3 digital q
Swiffer multi surface  = 3.75  -2  digital q
Kleenex                      = 1       - .75 digital q
Frucis @2.10 x 3       = 6.30   -2 x 3 paper q for 6 total (were on clearance normally 3.50 but 40% off)
                                               - 3 off 15
                                 =  $0.80 plus tax oop
 Swiffer    = 4.50   - 3 Digital q
 Fructis    = 6.30    - 6  (3 $2 paper q's)
Kleenex   = 1        - .75 digital
Dial 6 bar = 2.75  -2.75  paper q for buy 6 bar get 2 bar free but when scanned big first it takes off                                             the larger amount.
Dial 2 bar = 1
                             - $3 off 15
                =  $0.05 plus tax
Then the same Axe deal with more Fructis
Axe @4  x5              = 20     - 6 instant - 10 (5 $2 q's)
fructis @ 2.10 x 6  = 12.6  - 12 (6 $2 q's)
                                           - 3 off 15
                              = $1.60 plus tax
total retail      = 118.60
total spent      = $7.05 
Total savings = $111.55

Friday, March 16, 2018

Good Bea Update

Bea lingered in the dog pen in the barn for a week.  She would eat and drink but that was it.  No extra movement, no recognition or response to us.  Then on Sunday she made a happy whining sound when I visited her.  That was the first positive sign in a week.   
 Then on Monday when I went down to feed her she was much more active and happy.  And the goats and other dogs were passing by the barn. 
 Did I mention that it snowed on Monday.  I was actually trying to update the blog when my internet went out.  They said it was my modem so I had to wait on a new one.  Apparently, it is my router and not the modem.  Oh well, at least I have my desktop, using the Ipad will have to wait longer.  Anyway, I thought this looked like Jett and Jewel were trying to catch snowflakes on their tongues.
 It was a very pretty snow, sticking to the trees.

 Then I turned Bea out.  The puppies and Bumble were very happy to see her. 
 There was a lot of getting reacquainted.
 And Bea even took off running. 
 That is Bumble, Jett, Bea, Jewel (from left to right)
It is so nice for her to be back with the pack.  Three more weeks of antibiotics and hopefully we will be done. 
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