Sunday, May 19, 2019

Just Kit sunday #148

Kit was wanting to show off some of the flowers in the yard. 

Friday, May 17, 2019

End Of An Era

E graduated Magna Cum Laude from Virginia Tech last night.
 She now has a BS in Wildlife Conservation, with minors in Equine Studies and Biology. 
 She had a big cheering section, grandparents, parents, sister, aunts, uncles and a cousin.  I think there are now12 in our immediate family with degrees from Tech.
 J said we have had a child in school for 20 years.  It is both a celebration and a little sad to see the time go by as fast as it has. 
I'm pretty sure that J's and my hair wasn't as white 20 years ago.

 It seems like only yesterday  E was off to Kindergarten orientation.
 Then her first day of school.
 Maybe we helped foster her interest in wildlife.
Now on to her next chapter,  Oregon!  Yes, she is headed off to the other side of the county.  She has a 6 month position working in range land management.  I am driving out with her then flying back.  Looking forward to an interesting trip but not toward leaving her out there.  Maybe after some travels she'll be interested in coming closer.   Congratulations E!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Farm Workers

Mike was a big help with the goats Friday.  It was time to round up the little ones and band the males, then deworm the nannies.  With Mike there I even got to trim some of the nannies feet that were bad.  
 Mike was scooping up the kids 3 at a time.   You get done in 1/3 the time this way.
 I also took the skin sutures out of the c-section.  She is doing great and her kid is growing like a weed.
 Then Sunday, E came for a visit.  She put her goat herding skills to use with the bottle goats, scooping them up and back to the pen after they had finished their bottles.
 Then Mike came back Monday to help with the cattle. 
 This job wasn't too demanding, sorting out the cows and squirting dewormer on the calves.  We did have 3 to dehorn, not my favorite job.
Then they all got turned out on new pasture.  Then we had 14 spring calvers to work back at the house.  With Mike around it's like a vacation for me.
Kid count- 98

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

"I'm Still Standing"

Just have Elton John's song going through your mind with this post. 
 On Friday, after securing a working set of hip lifters, and having Mike here to help out, we got our down heifer up. 
 She stood up for about 30 minutes before she started fighting it and the lifters slipped off.  Mike did a nice job keeping her company and telling her it would all be ok. 
 Then Saturday, J and K lifted her again.  She was standing much better so I suggested taking the lifters off while she was standing.  She didn't fight at all and stayed upright. 
 J brought her more hay and we left her in the lot for the night.  The next morning she was still standing.
We turned her out into a lot with grass and she has eaten well, filled back out and walked around.  But this is now day 4 and we haven't seen her lay back down.  Maybe she is trying to make up for being down for 8 days. 

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Just Kit Sunday #147

Kit has been venturing back to the barn on occasion.  Bumble and Bea were always very respectful of him, but Jet and Jewel hated him.  Now that we only have Buble and Jewel and they are confined with the goats in the kidding field, Kit is back to having more freedom. 
 Jewel was outside the barn barking up a storm though.  I thought she had seen a fox or some other varmit.  But no, it was just Kit Kat.
 One this day, I let the bottle goats run around some.
Kit kept an eye on them for me.  It's nice to have good help.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Coupon Saturday #27

V gave me the perfect excuse to go to town and whip out a coupon scenario.  She said that she needed a phone charger and wanted to complete the transaction with a $5 off $25 scenario.   I met her in town to offer some moral support and advise.   It turned out that she found a charger for less than she expected so had to fill in the gap with another product.  I handed over a $3 cascade coupon that I had been hoarding for awhile.  She ended up with the charger, tide, dryer sheets, a bic lighter and cascade all for $13.  So she got the charger she wanted and paid less than a dollar a piece for the other items.  
 This is what I came up with for myself.  I really didn't need anything, so I just try for free stuff. 
If it wasn't for taxes, they would be paying me to take it out of the store.  Thanks V for the fun afternoon. 

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Down Heifer

Well, J jinxed us.  He told someone that we were working on a 100% calf crop and had not had to touch a heifer calving.  So what else could happen but a tragedy.  He checked the heifers and found one trying to calve.  Feet and head were there so he grabbed his chains and tried to pull, nothing.  He couldn't budge it.  Next step was getting her to the barn and trying the calf jack.  The calf was definitely dead; we hooked the chains and started to jack.  Finally got it out to its hips, then, hip locked.  After 30 minutes of hooking and rehooking, lubing and twisting, we finally got it out but now the heifer was down and couldn't get up. 
I had left the barn door opened thinking if she could see a way out, she might be more likely to try to get up.  The next morning she had drug herself out of the barn, through a gate and to the bottom of the steep hill in the lot.   J managed to get the tractor down to her and we drug her back up the hill.
We borrowed a set of hip lifters but they were missing the bar to tighten them and we couldn't get them on well enough.  We had a heavy duty strap we tried around her middle.  She could stand in the front but nothing in the rear.  But the position of the strap was too constricting so we couldn't hold her up for long.
She is still eating and drinking, and I have a better set of hip lifters on the way.  If she stops eating though, that might be time to call it quits. 
On a happier note,  I am still at 7 bottle goats.  It looked like we were going to add 2 more from a set of triplets.  But we got the nanny in the barn and she has decided to take them all.  I do need another nipple so everyone can eat at the same time.  As you can see, I am one short. 
Then I noticed this little one, sending a little love your way.

Kid Count - 95
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