Sunday, November 11, 2018

The Other Meat

Looks like we grow more here than beef and goats.  Muzzle loading season is in full swing and our son-in-law came over to do a little hunting.  
He got this nice doe early Saturday morning.  Looking forward to some deer jerky...Hint, Hint. 

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Coupon Saturday #22

OK, so I thought I could stop for a week.  But then Dollar General came out with their $3 off $15.  With 4 accounts, that's $60 I had to come up with.  
Retail price of everything is $60.  But I did have to get milk on one account and pickles on another to make it work.  Since I would have gotten those items anyway, but maybe at the grocery store instead, I subtracted that out.  Total spent on items in picture, $3.60 plus tax.  Should have been $1 less, but I forgot to clip the crest coupon off of one of the accounts.  Lesson learned - must follow my spreadsheet and not guess.  I have seen where some people have 40 to 100 different accounts.  Must  be a full time job for them.

Monday, November 5, 2018

There's A New Boy In Town

J has been sticking his toe in the Brangus/Ultrablack water for a while now.  Remember UB1 and UB2?  He actually kept one of those as a bull to have as a sort of back up, because something is always going wrong with the other 7 bulls right when you need them.  But J has also been studying up on the breed and looking on line at several sales.  Well, this weekend he bought one at a sale in Arkansas.   There was another producer there that brought the bull back as far as North Carolina.  
 So J and I went this morning to pick him up.  He is a February calf that J wants to use to breed our heifers next year.  He thought he could buy a young bull and develop it cheaper that buying a mature bull.
 So we loaded him up and brought him home. 
 He is turned out with our heifer J is feeding for a beef.  Looks like he knows how to eat.  Hopefully, he should be calving ease but will be able to add some pounds to the calves from the first calf heifers though hybrid vigor.
Then, just because I thought it was a pretty view this evening looking down the driveway.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Coupon Saturday #21

I really have been trying to cut back, but what can I say?  I'm addicted.  Is there a couponers anonymous? 
 I tried Family Dollar again with their digital $5 off $25.  I was going to see about the 1/2 off Halloween candy.  I got 4 bags of candy at 1/2 off and basically paid $1 for everything else. 
The Bic razors were also from FD, different trip.  I still had a digital coupon making them free.  I wasn't sure if it would work on this kind and I didn't want to mess up the previous transaction with it if it didn't, so there.  Then the rest was a trip to Dollar General.  Classic case of coupon overreach though.  I needed a 5 cent filler item.  But what did I do?  Tried that $1 Dial soap again.  But this time the coupon didn't go through.  So I ended up paying $1.45 instead of just 45 cents.  Lesson learned, stick with the scenario.  Can anyone guess what is going to be in everyone's stockings this year?

Friday, November 2, 2018

Bad Goat For Sale Pictures

It's that time of year for us to get ready to sell our goat kids.  This year we have more than a trailer load so I thought I might try to sell some straight off the farm.  I have been checking out goat prices on Craig's List.  Some of the pictures are special.   The first four are my pictures. 
 I tried to capture some of the herd and the type of pasture they are on. 

 Then I went for some individual shots.
 It amazes me that with the current technology where you can take unlimited pictures, see them immediately,  and even edit them if you choose, that there are so many bad pictures being advertised. 
 Exhibit one.
 Now this one confused me.  Is the person that small or is the leash that long, or is the goat that big?
 Are we selling the cat and the goat?
 I guess this one is showing off the brush eating capacity. 
 J asked if they were up in the barn loft taking this picture.
No, they were just pygmy goats.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween

The other day I was helping J sort a calf out of the field when I looked over and noticed this group of trees. 
 The sun was hitting one just right. 
Hope it doesn't scare anyone too much. 

Meanwhile, while we were getting the calf up, J told me to run ahead and open the gate.  This was uphill, over rocks and down trees.  I thought I was running when J yelled, "hurry up!"  With the little breath I still had I hollered back, "this is me hurrying." 

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Just Kit Sunday #141

Kit likes to hang out with me while I am doing yard work.  Sometimes I have to quit because he is wanting so much attention.  It's hard to pull weeds with a cat rubbing on your hand trying to get you to pat him.  Well, Tuesday I had to stop to get his picture.  He was poising so nicely. 

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