Monday, March 30, 2020

More Land, Maybe

We might have the opportunity to buy another piece of land.
 V and M went with us to check it out.
 There were some beautiful views,
 from several locations,
 including a 360 degree view from a high point.
 There were also some very steep wooded areas,
 which won't remain wooded because the timber has already been sold.  They have 2 years to cut it.
 There are pasture fields and a hay field too.
 The fences are all in good shape, and no junk or trash around.
 Plus, an interesting tree.
And my favorite, the working pens from Jurassic Park.  I didn't see any velociraptors, but that's what it looked like they were expecting with the construction of those pens.
It is all going to boil down to the cost.  It is not advertised, J just went to talk to them and feel out the situation.  They were very willing to consider selling so now we just have to see if we can get together on a price.  That will be the hard part.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Just Kit Sunday #153

Kit Kat treat two weeks in a row. 
 Today he was working on this claws.
 Hopefully, getting ready to go catch some vermin. 
 He doesn't look like someone you would want to mess with. 

Saturday, March 28, 2020

What A Difference A Day Makes

I took pictures yesterday of the cherry trees but it was a little glooming and they didn't show up too well. 
 I had to zoom in on this one when I downloaded it because I knew there wasn't a skunk in the yard when I took the picture.  Can you see what it is?  A bumble bee!

 Then this morning the sun was shining and the trees really popped. 
 I just wish the blooms would last longer.
Brief but beautiful season. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Bad Horse For Sale Pictures #34

Looking for a little humor in this very trying time.  Found this gem on Facebook.
Are you so busy that you have to go out and take pictures by headlights?
Or are you just trying to disguise the missing eye.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Kit Kat Sunday #152

It has been awhile since I had a Kit Kat Sunday.  November 24 to be exact. 
 You were probably worried about his well being. 
 As you can see, he his his fat, fluffy, happy self.  (with a little In Bloom in the background)

Photo shoot - over.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

3 Ways To Make Your Veterinarian Remember You

And all 3 happened in one day.

1- Come in for booster shots for your Bichon and announce that your groomer recommends you not get kennel cough and rabies at the same time.  Have your vet explain that your dog, in 9 years has never had an issue with any of the vaccines, the body can respond to 10,000 antigens a one time, with the Lyme vaccine and DHLPP, that were also due, that's only 8 things. And lastly, be told that our kennel cough vaccine is oral, and I have never seen an adverse reaction to it.  The Rabies, Lyme and DHLPP are all much more likely to trigger a mild reaction.  After all of that say, "don't do the kennel cough today, I want to keep my groomer happy."  Really, 8 years of school, 30 years experience, yearly continuing education, and numerous informational meeting with drug reps, but let's listen to the groomer.

2- Bring dog in for lameness, barely toe touching on right rear.  After vet examines the obvious leg because that is the one being held up in the air by the dog, say "would you check the other leg because in horses a lameness can sometime look like a different leg."  Yes, I do horses too, sometimes a subtle rear leg lameness can seem like a front leg.  But even a horse will be lame on the one it is holding up in the air. 

3- Bring in a feral cat to be spayed and demand that only gas anesthesia be used.  Complain that all the other times when you pick your cats back up they are wobbly and need to be kept quite in a crate for a couple of days.  When asked what will you do with this feral cat when you get it home say, "it's not use to the other cats so I will keep it in a crate for a couple of days."  Then spend 10 more minutes listening to all the other anesthetic protocols that are more appropriate for a feral cat and say, "well, I was told that gas was the best."

I do have trouble remembering people.  And most are nice, normal people that care about their pets.  It's just these crazy ones that stand out.  And yes, I do remember these three.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Sisters, Sisters

"Sisters, Sisters, There were never such devoted Sisters."  (song from White Christmas for those of you that didn't know)
I think Draper likes to copy her older sister.
Could they be any more alike?
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