Monday, July 16, 2018

This Week's Wreck

J is a checker.  He spends a lot of time with the cattle just checking.  But it can really pay off.  He can pick out one that is just starting to feel bad and treat it sooner.  And sometimes he can find problems before they are catastrophes.  
 Who would think a couple of trees could be a problem.  But when J was driving through the field to check the cattle he found this...
 Yes, that calf is stuck between two trees.  J had already tried pushing it out on his own before he came back to the house to get his chainsaw.  He said he needed me to help but I think it was just to get some pictures. 
 The poor thing had already rubbed a sore on his hip. 
 So with chainsaw in hand, J went to work.
 The two trees were sort of connected higher up so it didn't fall.  J just cut a wedge out and we pushed it over far enough for the calf to escape. 
He wobbled off, got a big drink of water and found his mom.  J said he would have felt crushed if he had found the calf dead there.  Glad he checked.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Just Kit Sunday #138

Kit Kat hasn't been going to the old barn much lately.  Then new dogs hate him and act like they would tear him to pieces if he got near them.  The goats have been staying up this way too.  So smart cat that he is, Kit just doesn't go that way.  But the other day, he did follow J to the barn, and promptly got trapped there by Jewel.  
 There is lots for him to do in the barn, so I am sure he wasn't bored. 
 Lots of places to explore. 
 And some new friends to make. 
Well, anyway, I let him hang out down there a couple of days before I rescued him.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Coupon Saturday #13

Haven't done much couponing for a few weeks, but there was a Tide digital that I didn't want to pass up.  Since Dollar General did away with the $3 off $15 that could be used on any day, I have to wait until Saturday to use the $5 off $25.   I don't go to town on Saturday very often, but J needed me to do some banking for him.  So I took the opportunity to do a little shopping. 
 This was my first and best deal, $1.90 + tax.  Savings of $26.
 Then I needed some milk, so not as good but still not too bad, $6.10 + tax, savings, $21.50.  I had a coupon for paper towels that I thought would give overage, but it didn't work, so I didn't get them and replaced it with the milk so thus the higher out of pocket. 
Then some miscellaneous stops at Rite Aid for the free tooth paste, and Family Dollar for $0.50 Tide and $1.50 Persil.  Did anyone else realize that they no longer made Wisk.  I had a bottle that I only used on stains because it was expensive.  It was getting empty so I was looking for Wisk coupons of which there are none.  So I googled Wisk and found they replaced it with Persil.  I may be awhile before it makes it into the front of the rotation. 

Thursday, July 12, 2018

This Week, In The Garden

 Things are ripening up around here.
This little row, 
produced a bag full of green beans. 
The broccoli is just about ready to harvest. 
 And I am going to have to look up when to pick okra.  I saw somewhere that it is the new "in" vegetable.   Chefs are calling it the new asparagus.  I think I will also have to look up how to cook it. We might be in for a bumper crop.
Some of the cucumbers are working out. It hasn't rained in a while so I have been watering them to try to keep the bitterness out.  This is what I envisioned, hanging and straight.
 But some of the vines are still running wild across the ground. 
 And speaking of wild, the tomato jungle is getting thicker. 
 J and I have been eating the blackberries as soon as they are ripe, so no leftovers to make a pie with yet.
And my Mandevilla vine is blooming like crazy but not getting very tall yet.  But I do enjoy the pink flowers.   Hope your garden is growing.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Fall Group Weaning

Once again, J had all the prep work done, and I just had to show up.
 He had gotten the cows and calves into a smaller lot next to the working pens the night before. 
 So it was just a matter of moving them over. 
 And they all cooperated. 
 The pens were pretty crowded at the start.  We just had to let the cows that we were keeping out first.  Then, sorted out some that were to be culled.  I had to pregnancy check 3, all open just like J thought.  He watches them close enough to pretty much know which ones will be open so I don't have to check all 60.  Pretty sure I couldn't do that any more anyway.   As long as he keeps it under 10 at a time, I'm ok. 
 Then from the calves we sorted out 10 heifers to keep as replacements. 
All the other calves got brought back to the house and dewormed.  There was a lot of bawling last night.   Just checked the Farmer's Almanac and it looks like we should have waited until the 22nd.  Oh well.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Saddle Time

The weather has been beautiful and I have gotten to do a lot of riding the last couple of days.  No Draper pictures, but she is coming along nicely.  
 Then J was moving the cattle to across the creek and needed me and Otoelene.  The camera is not crooked, that is how steep it was where a group of calves decided to hang out. 
 But we got them out and going to catch up to the cows. 
 J had to be on foot to babysit one that was blind with pink eye. 
 Then he went ahead to call them, while I brought up the rear.
 Then across the creek and done, 2 hours later. 
 This was the grass they were leaving, so they were a little reluctant. 
 But this was where they went. 
Well done Otoelene. 
 Then Sunday, with temps in the low 70's we took off for a 3 hour trail ride. 
 Just a nice loop around Iron Mountain.  No problems, just relaxing. 
J was so pleased with Jessica that he wanted her picture when we were done. 
Weaning calves today, so will be on foot, boo.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Just Kit Sunday #137

Kit Kat has been hanging around the barn a lot during Draper's training sessions.  Draper is very interested in what he is up to, 
 or maybe she just can't figure out how there is such a small palomino.
 Because Draper has a white sclera instead of pigmented, she always looks startled or scared. 
But in this case, I think it is Kit that got scared.
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