Friday, March 19, 2010


We had several firsts for the year today.
These crocuses are the first flowers of the season blooming in the yard.
The farrier came today (was suppose to come last Friday but he had overbooked), so with new shoes V rode Jessica for the first time this year. The weather was beautiful and the ground was finally dry enough to be safe.
This isn't the first calf but the first one that I have had to give an epidural to in order to pull. She is a first calf heifer and J got her up after she wasn't making any progress calving after 2 hours. He checked her and only the head was coming, both front legs were back. Without the epidural she was straining too much to push the calf back and get the legs out. J didn't have any trouble pulling it after the epidural.
That calf did fine and was up and nursing in short order.
We also had our first set of twins today. Both live and being accepted by the cow.

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