Friday, April 9, 2010

Never Clean Enough

It never seems to matter how much cleaning up we do, the animals can still find that loose bit of wire that is inevitable on a farm.
J went to check the cattle and found that the Hereford bull had a piece of barb wire wrapped around his hind leg.
J got his calf catching pole thinking he might be able to hook the wire and pull it off. Unfortunately, it was twisted on itself and wouldn't come off that easily.
He ended up having to get the cattle in the barn and catch the bull in the chute to remove the wire. No harm done. It is nice that the Herefords are so calm and easy to handle.
On a different note, I am surprised at how clear these zoom pictures were. I balanced the camera on a fence post and all of the pictures were taken in the same spot.

1 comment:

Cattle Call Farm said...

Beautiful cattle, what blood line is your bull?

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