Friday, April 22, 2011

Banding and Bite Wounds

We only have 1 more goat close to kidding so today we penned them up to band the bucks and deworm the nannies.  I use injectable Cydectin at 1 cc/100 pounds SQ to deworm. 
 V and E are out of school for Easter break.  I don't think this was their idea of a good vacation however.
 V caught a lot of the nannies and helped with the banding.
 After holding this kid, E preferred keeping the goats we had already worked separated from the ones we were still catching.
 They were all glad to escape from the barn after that ordeal.
On a different note, I got bitten by a dog at work yesterday.  It was a 16 year old Shiba Inu and I had finished examining it, drawn blood and had already weighed it but was concerned about the 9 pound weight gain in 4 months.  Sometimes our scales mess up, so I took her to a different scale to reweigh her and she jumped up and bit my chin.  The owner was in tears.  I'll be sore and swollen for awhile but it could always have been worse.
Kid Count:  59


Leontien said...

oh that looks auwie!

Hope it heals well! Good job on the goats!

Have a wonderfull Easter!


fourwilkies said...

Ouch - so sorry you got bit. It does happen sometimes unfortunately.

C said...

How terrible K. You poor thing.

Alica said...

Yikes! Hope it heals quickly!
I'm sure those goats were glad to get out of there...and I'm sure they'll forgive you as soon as their next feeding time arrives!

Kim said...

Ouch for the goats and double ouch for you.

The Japanese Redneck said...

Those goats look very happy to get away from ya'll.

Ouch is right!

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