Monday, April 18, 2011


I took a new step in Otoelene's training today.  
 We saddled up Lady and ponied Otoelene.
 I started in the ring going both directions and having her go on both sides.
 She did so well that I took her out into the field that they are turned out in.  We rode through the goats and cattle and up and down hill.
She did try a half hearted nip at my leg and at Lady's neck but overall she did great.  Next time she will be ready for some new territory and maybe a water crossing.  I'll have to compliment Lady also, very calm and smooth.
Kid Count:  52


fernvalley01 said...

So nice to have a good steady saddle horse to pony the young ones!

50+Horses said...

That looks like such fun. What a gorgeous place you ride in!

Crystal said...

What a good job the two ponies did!

The Japanese Redneck said...

I remember ponying my old geldings all the time. It was a good way to ride one and exercise the other.

Glad she did well.

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