Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Picky, Picky

Yes, I know I'm being picky.   Our last full day I decided to set up the tent.  A new group had moved into one of the units the day before so this was their first day at the beach.  
 I got up early and set it up in front of our unit by myself.  As soon as I was done the neighbor comes out an sets his up here.  The beach is far from crowded.
 You can see, nothing down this way, not even any houses.
And you can see, nothing much this way.  So why did he have to be so close? (It really felt closer than the pictures look.)   Oh, and he had a rake and piled up all the seaweed.   When everyone else came out we all took a corner and moved.   I think I might have been irritated if we were there for the whole week with them but at least they didn't have a blaring radio like the group before.  I always wonder what the others are saying about us. 

And some of the better shark teeth I found.   It's fun collecting something that doesn't take up much space. 


Crystal said...

I don't understand people like that, there is so much space why be so close?

Those shark teeth are cool. I don't think I have ever seen one in real before.

C said...

Totally annoying. Great teeth!! That is a really nice big one!

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