Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Eastern Cattle Drive

It was time to move the bred heifers from some rented land to some more rented land.  Our cattle drives here are just a matter of loading them on the trailer and driving them to the next farm. 
 My job getting them up involved hiding in the truck - with the radio off.  
 My job loading them on the trailer was hiding behind the fence.
 I did get to move behind them once they were lined up to load and help scare them on.
 There is plenty of grass where we are turning them out.
 We have to unload them on the road and turn them through the gate.  My job here was hiding behind the trailer.
J seems to think I scare the cattle.  Two trailer loads of heifers then one more trip for the bull to bring him home.  Hopefully, they will be fine until February when they come here to calve.


Crystal said...

Seems like you do a lot of hiding when moving cows. But better than running around like crazy.

C said...

J is funny. You could do double duty doing "your job" and taking your blog pictures. I'm not sure why J wanted you to go along.

fernvalley01 said...

I want your job, hiding sounds good

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