Monday, November 19, 2012

Training Continues

The weather was nice yesterday with no wind for once.  We took the opportunity to do some more work with Brother. 
 J worked on more desensitizing with the plastic.
 Brother didn't seem to mind anything we did with it.
 He even wanted to follow after it when J put it away.
 He's getting much more relaxed lunging and doing better than he had been to the left.  He usually tenses up and throws his shoulder out this direction.   I then pulled him up to the fence and sat on him for about 5 minutes.
 J has been dying to do this.  He tried on Otoelene several times but just pulled her over.  He was finally able to accomplish it on Brother.
But I think he hurt himself when he went to this side.  He says his chest is still sore today.  I don't know if J is ready for an RFDTV horse training show just yet.

1 comment:

Crystal said...

I always think I should try that too, lol. But I am much too short and only end up bumping into them, not over top, guess just more desensitizing ;)

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