Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lover Boy

I've been leaving my 4 bottle goats out during the day then back to the pen in the barn at night.  (Frosty has been weaned and stays out all of the time in hopes that she will go with the rest of the goats.  That hasn't happened yet.)
They come running and screaming as soon as we round the corner to the barn and they see us. 
 I read where someone described a bottle goat as "having a 3rd leg."  I thought that was a very accurate description.  You have to get pretty rough with some of them just to be able to walk without tripping.
 I finally saw a tip in Progressive Farmer that I could use.  It was by a 5 year old.  He wanted some cable ties to attach a freezer basket to the fence to hold hay for the goats.  I used a bungee cord and a dish drain rack.  It works great.  
 I usually don't name the boy goats since we sell them but Big Boy just happened.  That left this little white one the only one without a name.  But see that beautiful black spot?  It looked like a heart to me so I've been calling him Lover Boy.   I really hope this bunch goes with the herd when we wean them.  I don't think J could stand 5 more Sissys.

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