Thursday, May 23, 2013

Two Trailer Tales

We used the trailer twice last weekend.  When we first hooked it up before the show I told J that there was a bird's nest in the neck about the hitch.

He's first comment was, "I wonder if a taillight will be out."  Sure enough, one was.  I forgot about the nest until the next day.
When we were at the arena for the 4-H meeting J said he heard some hungry birds.
 These little guys had been on two trailer trips.  The parents where there waiting when we got back. 
J had left the trailer hooked up after the last trip.   V had a job interview but E had left a door open on the car and the battery was dead so V thought she would try to jump start it.  She had never unhooked the trailer before and didn't let down the jack before cranking it down.  She said she didn't hear or feel it dragging across the bed.
But you can see it did.
J had to lift it with the tractor to let the jack down.  I guess V will know next time.


CDH said...

Those little birds are way too cute! :) My fav trailer "accident" is always backing the truck up and bumping the 5th wheel on the bed of the truck and knocking the trailer off the block! UGH! My ex sister in law forgot to put the tailgate down and drove away! LOL! Live and learn.. :)

Crystal said...

Always gonna be trailer accidents, but hopefully learning comes from it.

One year in my stock trailer there was a nest inside, never realized birds were in it till I loaded a horse and out the flew in the horses face! Good thing she was an experienced traveller and it never phased her, but sure surprised me!

SheMovedtoTexas said...

Those little birds are so sweet! They've traveled too now :)

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