Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cow Ponies

No pictures of yesterday's awesome cow ponies.  But the story is, we were missing a steer from some rented land.  After many phone calls, J finally found the steer in a pasture with someone else's cattle half a mile down the road.  He called the owner who said he would be getting them up soon.  J said to give him a call when he did and we would be over to pick him up.  Well, no call, the cattle were gone and he had turned our steer back out onto 70 rough acres by himself.  J thought we might try getting him up with the horses, so we hauled Hank and Otoelene over to give it a try.  No success, but if I may say, Otoelene did awesome.  Walking around new territory looking for a steer through brush, trees and old fence rows, she stayed calm and sweet the whole time.  Sometimes Hank would be out of sight on the other side of a grown up fence row still with no problems.  When we finally got the steer in the open he took off back away from the pens.  Otoelene gave it a good try and cantered after him but her western pleasure lope just wasn't fast enough.  Ok, enough about Otoelene's awesomeness and on to Pep.  
 Today we were just moving some yearlings to a new pasture but V got them out on her own before I got there with Pep.
"What am I suppose to do now?"

We did get to help push them on through the next gate but I think Pep was wanting to do a little more.  Her feet are in the best shape that they've been in a long time.  It seems like the shoes are working out so far.  We are also keeping her in a smaller relatively rock free lot, anything to keep her sound for the State Show next month.


CDH said...

Looks green and lush there! Hope Pep's feet hold up for the fair!

C said...

So what happened to the steer on the neighbor farm?

You are living the dream - using your horses to manage the cattle.

(we will need an update on Bumble...)

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