Saturday, August 31, 2013

New Vautler

We did some more horse vaulting at our last 4-H meeting.  I challenged the other adult at the meeting to try it.  She is about my age and an excellent rider but has never done any vaulting before.  Of course she said she would do it if I would.  Well, that wasn't much of challenge because I love to vault, I'm just not quite as flexible as I use to be.
Anyway, she about made it on with her first try.  I think she would have made it had it not been for the saddle pad wadding up.
Her biggest problem was that she wanted to control the horse's speed and kept trying to que him herself which is a big no no in vaulting.
I think we really showed the kids up on this one.   They have a lot more practicing to do to catch us old women.  And once again Hank proved himself a superstar with his quiet patience with everything.

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Kalin said...

Hank the super horse!! Takes a good boy to put up with all of those people crawling on you and doing weird stuff!! Hahaha!!! Looks fun, the closest I've come to vaulting is when I slipped off bareback and held onto his neck. :))

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