Tuesday, May 6, 2014

All My Fault

 We got the cows up the other day and brought them through the bull lot.   I opened the gate to the lot but only closed back 1 of the 3 things that J had keeping the gate closed, thinking that he would be coming back out that way and would fix it back the way he liked it.   But I was wrong, he went out a different gate and I forgot to tell him that the gate security system needed to be reengaged.
So Saturday morning he says that 3 of the bulls are out but he had already gotten one back in.  Feeling guilty, I went the help get the other two back.
 Not only were these two still out but they were at the very end of the biggest field.
And at the bottom of a very long, steep hill.  The little one split off and we had to go back to get him after we got the big one all the way back to the lot.
I guess I shouldn't make fun of J's triple security system anymore.  


Alica said...

Oh, that sinking feeling when the cows (especially bulls!) get out. Ugh.

Mary Ann said...

I used to get up in the morning for work, and find the neighbor's red bull in our yard, grazing away. They had a cattle guard keeping them in... guess it wasn't a "bull guard!".

CDH said...

Such an UGH! Moment when the cows/bulls get out!

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