Monday, November 17, 2014

Horse Judging Clinic

Wouldn't you know, as soon as my girls finished with horse judging, I have a new group of kids that want to do it.  I begged people for 10 years so V and E could judge on teams instead of as individuals.  I guess the begging has finally paid off just a little too late for V and E (although E will be able to help with the coaching, YAY).
 Saturday we went to the Block and Bridle Horse Judging Clinic.  Over 230 kids from across the state showed up to learn about horse judging.  It was freezing cold but they toughed it out.  I ended up with 5 seniors and 2 juniors at the clinic.
B&B does a great job with the clinic every year.  They showed some horses in pairs and discussed the differences in hunter, western pleasure, equitation and halter.  Then they broke into small groups and talked about reasons.  After lunch they finished up by judging 4 classes like at a contest.  It was a great experience and I think I have some kids interested in judging now.  

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