Wednesday, November 12, 2014

More Good Finds

I love going to the State Surplus Store because you just never know what you will find.  This week's finds were a little usual.  
 Christmas ornaments and a cowboy hat.
 The ornaments are the very nice Martha Stewart glass ones, a steal at 25 cents each.
And the cowboy hat is a MHT, Master Hatter of Texas straw hat for $5.00.  Now, if I don't want to wear my helmet at horse shows, I have a hat from this century that I can wear.  (I had taken my felt hat from the 80's to the Western Store to see if they could update the shape but it couldn't be done)


C said...

Great finds. I need to go to the State Surplus store!

CDH said...

Nice find! I just got a new hat too! I love for the appropriate time to wear it.....Vegas at the NFR!

Small City Scenes said...

The comment on Cheri's blog above your comment was mine. Her Dad was my husband and we all do miss him. M

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