Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wangler, The Painting Horse

I probably made a huge mistake but a few weeks ago I turned down a very reasonable offer for Wrangler.  I didn't care much for the man and he seemed to be too aggressive in his riding.  He didn't want to do any arena work or get use to the horse.  He just wanted to go out to the field and see if Wrangler could chase cattle.  I told him multiple times that Wrangler was a western pleasure horse and I had never done that kind of riding with him.  It fell on deaf ears so out he went to chase cattle.   Wrangle did fine but I really feared for the man's safety if the took Wrangler home and did no prep work.   One of his comments was, "I like that you have already done all of the ground work on him."  I don't think he realized that ground work is an ongoing necessity.  So after much prayer and torment I turned down the offer.  Wrangler is still for sale but I have had no other interest lately. 
 So in the mean time, "What to paint?"
 This is the last of Wrangler's first water color series.
There were 30 sheets of paper in the pack and now we are out.  This paper was 11 x 15.  I'm thinking of maybe getting some smaller paper for his next series.  Any suggestions?
Our local saddle club is having a 3 day Horsefest in June and I think I will set up a booth to sell some paintings.  I am also trying to figure out how to attach a payment option to his Wrangler Can Paint facebook page and offering some for sale there.


Mrs Shoes said...

When it comes to parting with a horse, money is very low on my list of priorities (obviously, if you know that my MerryLegs is going to Judi Daly of Trail Horse Adventures!).
Anytime I've moved one along I've tried to follow my best gut instinct - I'd far rather be wrong & save my horse than to be right & lose him to an uncertain fate.

Your gut instinct that the cattle guy was not the right home for Wrangler may have just saved your horse from some bad experiences down the road.
If there's even the shadow of a possibility that it's the wrong home, then I know you'd rather pass it up than chance it, same as me.
If the right home never comes along & the worst that happens is that Wrangler grows old in your pasture, ridden by you & yours, painting the occasional abstract masterpiece... well, I'm sure you'd be okay with that too.
That said, I'm sure the right home WILL come along for him, maybe in the most unexpected way (like it has for my/Judi's MerryLegs).

Paola said...

I think it is so cool that he paints! Good luck with finding the right home.

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