Friday, November 20, 2015

Pinterest Success!

I'm always on the lookout for a good Christmas project.  Some years I succeed and actually follow through with the project.  This year I found someone on Pinterest that I copied. 
 They had taken a Crate and Barrel store tree, (above)
and made their own copy.  I thought that it looked pretty doable so I gave it a try.
Of course I had to scale it up a bit, can't do anything small around here.  I ripped down some scrap 1x1 and used coat hangers for the bars.  The top angle is 75 degrees which leaves the bottom ones at 15.  The heights from tallest are 33", 27" and 17".  You'll have to wait until Christmas to see them decorated and where I decide to put them.


Mrs Shoes said...

I'd never seen this pin before but what a great idea!
You did a really nice job on your trio & you've just inspired me to try to make a set too. I shall try not to cut off my thumb in the process... heeheehee

Alica said...

Hmmm...maybe some old pallets need to be torn apart here, and I make some of these! Can't wait to see them decorated!

C said...

love them! They look great.

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