Monday, December 21, 2015

Unusual Condition

J noticed a problem with one of his favorite bulls recently after he was turned out with the fall calving cows.
 Luckily, he had only been with the cows about a week when J saw that he was going to be unable to breed anything.  We already had calves out of our heifers from him and J didn't have to pull any of them.  So he was going to be J's go to calving ease bull.
 But his new problem is called "spiral deviation" or 'corkscrew penis'.  Pretty self explanatory.  We had a local large animal vet that specializes in reproduction to come out and check him.  He confirmed J's observations and recommended selling him.  This was only the 3rd one he has seen in 20 years.
Looks like we will take a loss on this one.

1 comment:

Crystal said...

never heard of that, sometimes bad things happen....more so to bulls it seems like

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