Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Golden Eagle Sighting

And I had my camera!
 We were pulling the trailer through the gate to head down to the barn to load some cattle.  Wrangler had just run up to me and J started hollering something.  Since I was distracted with a horse it took a minute for me to figure out what he was wanting.
 He said he had just seen this eagle chase a squirrel up a tree.  You can just see his tail below the first branch on the right.  And the eagle definitely has his eye on him.
 I watched for a second before I remembered I had my camera in my pocket.
At first we thought it was a bald eagle, but after looking at the pictures I think it is a juvenile golden eagle.  A pretty rare sighting for around here.   (I don't think the squirrel made it)


Crystal said...

How cool! I saw one last week sitting on a fence post of course no camera, boy they are a big bird, I suspect the squirrel didn't make it either.

C said...

Nice shots

Rose said...

Oh, way cool.

Kim said...

Glad you had your camera!

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