Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sweetwater Day 11 & 12

Same story different day.  One step forward 4 steps back.   Sorry for the poor quality pictures, they are 
screen shots from a long video I took of trying to get the lead rope on her. 
 She was doing good, facing me up walking up to me when I walked away, letting me rub around her head and neck,
 Then when I tried to reach for the halter she moved away.  I added some pressure to my neck rope
 And she bolted again.
 I was a little afraid she had tried to kick at me.  But after reviewing the video I saw her just pushing off with both rear legs to get away.
 Then it was around,
 and around a few times,
before she would stop and face me again.  After a little more work I gave up on attaching the lead rope for that session.
Then this morning I found her halterless again.  I had a brief 20 minute session this evening where I was able without any drama to get the neck rope on her and try to work on leading.  I now have a new problem of her throwing her head up and coming at me faster.  Her ears are forward so I don't think she is charging me but she is breathing hard and  she doesn't seem to understand my boundaries.  I've worked so hard at getting her to come to me, now I have to work on her staying away.


C said...

Ugh - tough set backs but you seem to keep control. Good that she is not attacking or kicking.

aurora said...

Setbacks can be so frustrating, but your hard work will pay off!!

Crystal said...

Better to get setbacks now than later in the game. Hard to establish come to me but not on top of me, I have a hard time with that too.

Mrs Shoes said...

Remember the old saw "Patience is a virtue'...
You're doing great work with her, Sweetwater is lucky she got someone who wants to understand her & teach, rather than force her into false progress.
I often have thought about these 'quick challenge' horses, wondering how solid their foundations can really be, but I suppose the folks they are sold to would fully understand their bottoms could be relatively shallow in comparison to horses started without hard deadlines.

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