Monday, August 8, 2016

Trail Blazing

A couple of years ago I decided to blaze a trail through the pine trees on our farm.(see here)
Since then I have used the trail sporadically.  I like the trail but it is a bit rough and steep in places and J doesn't care to go there.  This week I decided to make an entrance to the trail off of the gravel road.  There was an old fence that I needed to cut through and pull back and then it opened up to a new loop.
I took Otoelene out yesterday to test it out.  There was one place I needed to work on a tad more but over all it made for a nice 20 minute ride.
The best part is that when we built the new fence around the horse field last year, we had a gate put in up at the top.  Now I can come out of the woods through the gate, 
and ride across the ridge for this beautiful view.  

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C said...

Love that view!

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