Monday, October 24, 2016

Scarf Addiction

I guess I should clarify my addiction.  It would be a "25 cent scarf addiction".  I could completely stop buying them if they were more expensive. 
 But who could pass these up for just 25 cents each?
 Several are labeled Pashmina which is a type of cashmere.
 They had just put out a new bunch at the State Surplus store and I scored 5 new ones.
I really like how this one is reversible.  I guess when the container I'm storing them in gets full I should stop.  Otherwise my children are labeling me a hoarder.  I pretty sure there is room for a few more.  Plus, it's a very inexpensive hobby.  Maybe I could just resell a few on Ebay to make room for more.


C said...

I say wow! Ignore V and E and go for it. 25 cents! that is just a crazy good deal (if you like the scarfs).

Alica said...

I'm right there with you....only I've never found any for .25!!

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