Wednesday, January 4, 2017

No Sharing

 Hank hasn't been holding his weight very well this winter so I have resorted to feeding him grain.  He has gotten pretty good about following me to the barn when he sees me headed in that direction.
 If the other horses are around I have to put him in the lot or they will chase him off.  This day (our first snow of the season) he only had to contend with a pesty  cow.
 But no matter how persistent she was,
 or how nicely she asked,
 Hank had no intentions of sharing his good fortune with her.
 She was quite the photo hog
and very curious about the camera.
And hopeful til the end that some food would come out of the barn for her.
(her persistence paid off in the form of some hay but no grain.)


Sherry Sikstrom said...

Poor bossy! no sharing at all Hank?

Crystal said...

Poor cow didnt even get a bite of grain.

Mrs Shoes said...

Ooooh, that Mooer would've gotten run off by my BestBoy (who is harbouring serious resentment over the cows being allowed to free feed practically under his out-of-joint nose).

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