Friday, April 14, 2017

Bottle Babies and Graft

The question has been asked, "so how many goats are you bottle feeding now?"  And my answer is, "it varies."  I have 3 every day bottle goats living in the dog pen.
 The first one born that didn't get colostrum is now 2 weeks old and she seems to be doing well.
 Bunny was a triplet from a pet goat that didn't  have enough milk for 3.   I found her too weak to stand one morning and had to bring her to the house.
 And this black and white one is one of the triplets that I had to pull.  J found it collapsed out in the field on a cold raining day.  It had to come into the house on a heating pad for a day.  She is the best eater of the 3.
 Then outside there is this set of twins born on the 10th.
 The nanny had all appearances of doing well with them but it looks like no milk because they have gotten weak and scrawny.  Because she hasn't rejected them, I just take the bottle out to the field and feed them there.  They may still get something from her too.   There was also the set of quads.  I was worried about the runt not getting enough so I was taking him a bottle to supplement the nanny.  I quit feeding him when he got too fast to catch.
Then there was this success story.  The perfect storm of events to create a goat graft.  The nanny had triplets, 2 born dead and one very weak.  I had if up and nursing but it only made it about 3 days.  She is one of my pet goats and didn't mind me milking her.   The kid was a twin another nanny had rejected.  He was very vigorous and persistent.  It took a week and a lot of effort but we finally managed to get her to take him.  So that is one less to bottle feed.
You can probably tell from my last several posts what I have been doing with most of my time.
Kid count - 45

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Crystal said...

I much prefer cows lol at least they ussualy (hopefully) only have one at a time

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