Sunday, May 14, 2017

Just Kit Sunday #119

We have be letting the bottle goats out of the barn during the day in hopes that they will start to acclimate to the herd after we wean them.
 The other goats were off elsewhere but Kit Kat had come to the barn for a visit.
 Mary Lou was very interested in Kit.
 My advise is to watch those squinty eyes.
 There it is.
 No goats were harmed in the filming of this event.
 And on a different note, Happy Mother's Day
What says Happy Mother's Day better than peonies?


Crystal said...

Happy Mothers Day!
Apparently goats don't speak cat

C said...

Happy Mother's Day!
Love the peonies.

If that goat had stepped up on Kit Kat things would not have gone well. Bumble and Bea would tolerate little climbing goats, but I don't think Kit Kat would.

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