Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Thistle and Rose Bush Progress Check

Hank was my partner Sunday as we went around the farm checking on how the spot spraying of thistles and multiflora roses was going. 
 Because I don't like seeing the thistles I somehow didn't really take any pictures of them.  But I was able to see close up one on the bulls J got from Nebraska last winter.  He was pretty uppity when he arrived and again when I helped (hid while J did the work) J get him up to turn out with the cows.  He must have been use to riders on horseback because on Hank he wasn't the least bit scared of me.
 This section was full of rose bushes and thistles last year.  J had to make several trips through with the back pack sprayer.
 Lots of dead bushes.
 Looks like J's hard work paid off.
 The goats are trying to do their part.
They eat the tops and blooms off the thistles.  Only there are too many thistles and not enough goats, so I am still spot spraying for now.


Shirley said...

I could use some goats or sheep here to eat the knapweed. The horses eat the pasture down and all that remains is knapweed. Awful stuff and ir loves the poor soil here.

C said...

I thought with all the goats you have that the thistle and rose problem would be behind you. I can't imagine what it would be like if you didn't have the goats...

koi seo said...

Awful stuff and ir loves the poor soil here.


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