Monday, January 28, 2008

V's Steer "Thunder"

V has another steer this year. She named him Thunder. We have worked with him some but not a lot lately because I have basketball.

We had a b-ball game today. We played Marion the score was 32-35. We lost. I scored 2 points. Our total record so far is 5-7. We have games all this week and then we are done for the season.

I am now taking guitar lessons. I have already learned 4 chords. Thank you A for the loan of the guitar.

E had a substitute teacher today so not much happening at school. She says to tell everyone Hi.

J says not much variation in his schedule; feeding, buying feed, feeding some more.

I think he would like it better when the farm looks like this again.


Milly said...

Great update V. I'm enjoying the blog.

Milly said...

Hello to E. I hope to hear more updates.

Can't wait to hear you play a song on the guitar V.

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