Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ice and Mud

Yesterday we woke to a quarter inch of ice covering everything. Everywhere you looked was a beautiful picture.

Unfortunately, when the ice melted it just added to the mud problem.
J has really been struggling with these adverse conditions. The show steers have access to the barn but we feed them in the lot. It looks like their trough was caught in a mud slide. It took both of us to unstick it and move it to more solid ground.
The weaned calves have destroyed the ground around the feeder and water trough. J couldn't even get in the field anymore with the tractor without tearing up hugh ruts in the ground.
J moved them to a new field yesterday. Hopefully it will be easier to get in to feed here.
Of course one was left behind and had to run to catch up. We are dreading tomorrow, the forecast is for more rain.

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