Monday, January 25, 2010


I think I started this project about 16 years ago. Grandma gave me a quilt that she had stored in the chicken house. Let me just say, this is not the best place to store a textile if you are wanting to preserve it. Anyway, there wasn't much of the quilt left. She said Grandpa's mother or grandmother made it (I don't remember which). The fabric is linsey-woolsey. It is made from flax and may have even been hand made. Grandpa said he remembered having to wear clothes made from it and they were very uncomfortable. The fabric is very rough and itchy.
I disassembled the original quilt and salvaged as much of the fabric as I could. I had enough for a small 18x22 inch quilt.
I hand pieced everything and started hand quilting it with embroidery thread which was what the original quilt appeared to have been quilted in. It was 80% finished when I quit working on it.
I pulled it out this week and finished it. I did cheat and use the sewing machine to sew on the binding. It's a cute little quilt with no purpose other than the preserve the memory of past generations.


C said...

Nice job k!

Lynn said...

I like it. I am sure Glenell could give you more information on Lindsey-Woolsey and how to store textiles.

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