Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Since Otoelene (who will be 1at the end of April to answer someones question) had not been vaccinated before we got her, I took the opportunity to order vaccine for everyone. 
I'm giving everyone rabies, EWT, rhino, flu, and West Nile.  No one so much as flinched at the shots.

 We also had to move J's dad's walking horse to a dry lot.  She has foundered before and the grass is starting to green up.  This means she'll be across the fence from Otoelene.
To be fair, Lady is standing uphill but I still think Otoelene looks like a little Breyer Horse model.


Verde Farm said...

She’s so little and beautiful. They both are for that matter. It amazes me how well my donkeys take their vaccines too :)

Kim said...

We've been talking vaccines at our house since our little yearling (b-day yesterday) has a snotty nose and running eyes. I wonder if we shouldn't have vaccinated asap when we got him. We were waiting for it to warm up some and have a house visit to geld him too. Vet says not to worry unless he changes food or sleeping habits. Do you agree?

C said...

she does look tiny

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