Sunday, July 22, 2012

Horse Vaulting

We had for us, a very successful 4-H meeting.  I had borrowed a vaulting surcingle and had practice with Hank and was ready for the 4-Her's. 
My reinforced saddle rack worked well as a vaulting dummy.
Everyone took a turn practicing the compulsory moves on it before we tried it on the real thing.
No one quite got the hang of mounting a moving horse but Katelyn did manage to do it once.
I'm not sure what move V is doing but I know we didn't practice it that way.
She did do a very nice flag move.
E took her turn,
and Cory turned out to be a natural.
Jordyn finally made it to a meeting and had a great time.
I think Katelyn is too tall for this move.
Jordyn stayed after and rode Hank (who truly is The Wonder Horse) some more, with a real saddle.  The barn worked out great too.  We had a thunderstorm in the middle or riding (0.35 inches this time)  but we never had to stop.   I think the club might be interested it buying it's own vaulting saddle now.


fernvalley01 said...

Looks like fun , but I have to admit I would be face down in the dirt

~Allison said...

Fun!! Great job for the kids, they have much more guts than me!

Nell said...

That looks adventurous! Our horse is so tall that I don't have to worry about my kids trying to mount him while he's moving anytime soon. They don't need any more daredevil stunts until they're a bit older.

Crystal said...

That Hank, he really is a wonder horse to put up with all that. It sure looks fun, but I have a hard enough time mounting a stopped horse with a saddle on, so I guess I will never become a vaulter.

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