Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Thankfully, we don't have anything bad to report from the effects of Sandy on our area.  No school so E stayed home.   And, we didn't even lose power. 
 We had about 1-2 inches of snow which had mostly melted by the time I got a picture of it.
 We did have a lot of wind, 20-30 mph so there was a little drifting.   That's been sort of rough on J doing his chores today.
The sun even came out for a few minutes to help melt the snow.  I can't ever remember having snow accumulation in October before.  It might be quite nippy on those Trick-or-Treaters tomorrow, but being 1/2 mile off the road we never have to worry about that anyway.  Hope everyone is safe.


Alica said...

I'm glad Sandy didn't do damage in your area!

Crystal said...

Looks odd to see snow with all that green ground still. Glad you didnt have any bad effects from the storm.

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