Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Calves and the Last Two Pears

The fall calving cows are almost done calving.
 I don't get out to the farm where they are near as much as J.  But I had to go today to help J with a cow who's horn was growing in the wrong direction and getting ready to do some damage to her head.   We had to cut it back away from her face so it wouldn't puncture the skin.
 I didn't think anyone would want to see pictures of that so I took pretty calf pictures instead.
 There is also an old pear tree on the farm with one last pear hanging on.
Then there is this pear sorry -pregnant cow, one of the last still hanging on


Alica said...

They always look so uncomfortable when they're waiting to they just KNOW what's coming and dread it!

Crystal said...

she sure does look pear shaped ;)

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