Monday, November 12, 2012

Brother on Plastic

With the nice weather we've been having we have gotten to do some more ground work with Brother. 
 V was home for the weekend and came to watch before heading back to school.
 We thought we would try him over plastic this time.  First we got him use to it waving around on both sides, then waded up an rubbed all over him.  He hardly even flinched.
 Once we laid it out on the ground I about had to hold him back to keep him off of it before I was ready.
 He walked beautifully back and forth never hesitating and not minding when the wind rattled it around.
 If you remember it took me 45 minutes the first time I tried with Otoelene for her to get one foot on the plastic.  Check out that post HERE.
V and J showing some affection before she headed off to college.


Crystal said...

He sounds so cool headed, nice pic!

C said...

Looks like you got a good 'un.

And V - step up and show your dad some affection. yesh. V's hair looks nice (did she get a perm?).

Virginia Reasor said...

No, I just bought a new curling iron

Nell said...

I love reading about your progress, first with Otoelene, and now with Brother. He's such a good boy!

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