Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Training Otoelene

I've worked a few times on getting Otoelene to go across a piece of plastic. 
 The first day I just introduced her to it.  I didn't expect her to walk across it right off.
 The second time she was more interested in it and with a little encouragement did walk over it.
 I think this is the third time we've tried it.  It's been a couple of weeks since she last saw it.
 O.K. so she's not perfect.  She still doesn't seem to like the noise it makes.  It also doesn't help that when she hears the noise she drags her foot backwards which makes more noise and moves the plastic.
 After about five minutes she'll stand on it with her front feet,
 then walk calmly across.
 After that I can send her over on her own.
 I like the relaxed cocked leg.
Finally, she'll stand with her back legs on it.  The next step will be moving it to different locations, then getting a larger piece of plastic.


C said...

Great job by your photographer. I'm enjoying the horse training lessons.

Crystal said...

she seems so nice to work with!

farmer said...

very pretty girl!

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