Friday, September 13, 2013

Day One

We started then day getting up at 5:30 am.  E was the first to go in Senior Western Showmanship at 8.
Her show number is 2, so she is having to go first in all of her pattern classes.  There were 78 in the class.   She had a medium high score so we had to wait with baited breath for the other 77 to do their pattern.
Right at the end there were a series of higher scores that knocked her out of the placings.  She ended up 14th out of 78.  My pictures for Western pleasure first go, working western and trail preliminary are on my other camera so I post those details later.
Suffice it to say, she did qualify for the finals in Sr. Western Trail.  It was a nail biter.  She did the obstacles perfect but when she finished I saw that she still had her training whip on the saddle horn.  We were very worried the she could be disqualified for it.  We had to wait 7 hours until they posted the finalist to see that yes, she made the finals.
Now she just has to maneuver Pep through this.


CDH said...

That looks like a confusing course. I was always worried I would forget the courses!
Good luck!

C said...

Good luck E. Glad to get an update!

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