Friday, February 28, 2014

Home Coming

Our bred heifers have been about 12 miles away on some rented pastures.  Since they are due to start calving next month, it was time to get them home where J can keep a much closer eye on them.  
 With 18 to move we had to make 2 trips.  The barn lot was a bit nasty after all of the moisture we've had lately.
 Any time we come home with the trailer,  Emma is always eager to greet the newcomers.
 She is so good but really no help.  She doesn't bark at or chase anything, she just tried to be friends.
 Now the heifers are right behind the house.  I can see a lot of this field just from the kitchen window.
And the heifers have already settled in.  Looking forward to some baby calf pictures soon.


cheyenne jones said...

Yep we`re calving here too, soon be lambing time, and then all hell breaks loose! Good luck with yours!

Crystal said...

We got about a month before ours drop as well, they spent all winter close to the yard so they are pretty quiet and easy to watch now

CDH said...

I love calving heifers. We start at the end of January. We have 13 to go, out of 130! Yeah. Good luck with your heifers.

fernvalley01 said...

looking good! is it OK that I am jealous of the clear lack of snow and yuck you seem to have?

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