Monday, March 24, 2014

Horse Judging Contest Results

 E competed in the State 4-H Horse Judging contest on Saturday.  She actually had a team this year.  One of the county FFA teachers had a group and divided it up so there was a team of 4 for the 4-H contest.
 On Friday they all came out here for one final practice before the contest.
E made the state team her first year as a Senior.  She is eligible for another year but so far it has eluded her.   They take the top 8 for the team.  Usually, one or two don't accept it so the top 12 are always invited and given the information on practices and contests.  Two years ago E was 13th, and we all remember last year where she miss marked her scan tron sheet and ended up with 2 zeros placing her last instead of 3rd.  
Well, she has managed to cut it even closer this year.  She was 9th overall.  It looks like most of the top 8 are repeats from last year's team so it will be iffy if any decide not to do it.  So we are in limbo waiting.  E ended up 8th in performance, 10 in reasons and 9th overall.  The team was 7th in halter, 4th in performance, 6th in reasons and 6th overall.  None of the other girls placed individually.  It was the first contest for the rest of the team so not too bad considering.  

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Crystal said...

waiting waiting, thats the worst part. Hope she makes it would be a good experience.

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