Monday, June 2, 2014

Show Results

 Saturday we went to a show that was a fund raiser for a local therapeutic riding stable.  Unfortunately, there wasn't a very large turnout.   J once again was number one driver and groom although he is getting a little competition in the groom department.
 V's boyfriend Alex came to help out and cheer on V and Hank.
  Hank looked great for not having been ridden much lately.  V did his mane herself this time because I was busy banding Wrangler's.
V ended up with 2nd in English Pleasure, 2nd in Open Go As You Please, and 3rd in Adult Go As You Please.
 E showed Brother because the arena here is course gravel.  Two steps and Pep would have been lame.
 I think E's pink outfit was stunning on Brother.  She ended up 2nd in all of her classes.  I messed her up in Western Pleasure at the lope.  Everyone was behind Wrangler and when he realized that there was something coming up behind him at the lope he stopped which caused the horse behind him to stop which caused Brother, who was behind that one to stop.  It was like a multi horse pile up.   It was only the three of us in the class so you would think the others could have gotten away from me but as it was the other horse ended up on the wrong lead which left it open for me to win and E to get second.
She was also 2nd in Youth Go As You Please.  The winner was a real surprise, a hunter that was very buddy sour and stayed glued to it's barn mate.  The little girl was thrilled to death about it so it's all good. 
 When Wrangler was actually loping and not stopping he didn't look half bad.  I think the purple worked out good for him too.
 We did have another issue in the Open Go As You Please.  Apparently, he isn't sure what to do about gaited horses passing him so he stopped.  But when the hunter passed he tried to catch up.  Needless to say we didn't do so well in that one, 5th out of 6.
But it was all good experience and we won back $70 of the $90 we spent on entry fees so it was a pretty cheap day.  

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50+ Horses said...

Good job you guys! Loved your outfits and the pictures of the show. :)

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