Monday, September 22, 2014

Yet Another Show

We had beautiful weather Saturday for our potentially last show of the season.  I think J might be tired of driving us around.  But this was our horse club's show which I try to support the best I can by both showing and working which gets a little sticky at times.  More on that later.    
 E was in the running for High Point rider so I had her take Wrangler into the halter class.  I though she might have a good chance at some points with him.
 It was a big class with lots of nice horses.  Wrangler didn't place and E doesn't like showing him anyway so I said I would quit chasing points and let her show in what she wanted as long as she took Brother in Jr. Horse GAYP so I could show Wrangler in it too.   Sometimes my competitiveness gets the better of me.
 E handily won Showmanship again so she will be high point in that for the season.
 Stock Horse Western GAYP had 19 entries.   Wrangler did pretty good, a little fast a time or two but nothing bad.
 E was in there with Pep too.  Pep was her usual steady self.
 There was a lot going on in this class.  Several horses loping for the pleasure gait and one small pony running around.
 E and I got called back for a second round.  E ended up 4th (just out of the money) and I didn't place.  But top 8 out of 19 wasn't bad.
 E had a very good pattern with Pep in Ranch Horse Pleasure.
 She ended up 4th out of 12 against some reining horses.  She then went in Juvenile GAYP and was 3rd behind some gaited horses.
 Then came Jr. Horse GAYP.  Brother looked great and Wrangler was doing pretty good.
 But some how I had over looked entering E in the class.  The judge placed her 2nd but the show staff wouldn't allow it since she wasn't entered.  I argued that I was setting up the trail class and got busy and J had been at the concession stand all day cooking hamburgers but they wouldn't budge.  The judge even asked why we couldn't add her.  J got so put out that he stopped taking pictures and didn't get any of Brother in his next class.    It's just a small little local show not the national finals, lighten up some.  I can't count the number of shows I've been to that when they call out the placings the announcer says, "we don't have any information on this one, stop by the booth and give us your name."  The other part was someone had asked for a tack change before this class.  The booth just counted horses and didn't check numbers or check for the person that asked for the tack change so she missed the class.  There were only 5 horses in the class and all well known to everyone there.  I'm sure this will be a big topic of discussion at our next meeting.   Brother did super in  his next class, Western Pleasure where he placed 2nd.
 Our last class was with E and Pep in trail.  No problem with the bridge and she sailed through the gate.
 A couple of tics on the U back
 and a little off on the pole trot but ok.
 She almost forgot the mailbox and had to back up to get it.
 That's a blue ribbon under her arm while she is counting the money in the envelope.
I took over for J in the concession stand and he went to ring crew for the gymkhana events.  We finally made it home about 9:30 after a very long day.
Next week is the club's Cowboy Challenge that was postponed from the fair because of rain.  Haven't decided if I'm taking anything to it or not.  "We'll see."

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